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Mechanical Dosing Pumps

Obsolete Dosing Pumps: Mechanical

Mechanical Dosing Pump

This section covers our range of obsolete mechanical dosing pumps. Please see the products section for our current range of Mechanical Dosing Pumps

Our range of Mechanical Dosing Pumps are used for larger dosing requirements of either high flow rates or pressures. We supply motorised dosing pumps for automatic control, these feature either servo motors or invertor controls. The design of these systems has been very specific to each customer, we are able to offer custom design systems featuring proportional controls to suit many industrial applications, please contact us with your requirements.

Mechanical Dosing Pump: B Series & D Series

We have refined the B Series Dosing Pump and D Series Dosing Pump with our new Red Dosing Pump Model: TAM 2S which doses upto 47 Litres per hour.

Large output Dosing Pumps

The full suite of large output dosing pumps are as follows:

  • Tam 2 Mechanical Dosing Pump
  • Tam 4 Mechanical Dosing Pump
  • Tam 6 Mechanical Dosing Pump

Are all designed for large ouput dosing. We are able to offer our TAM series of Red Dosing Pumps with Polypropylene (PP) heads, PVC heads, PVDF heads, or Stainless Steel Heads for a wide range of applications

Contact sales on 01785 254 597 for more information on our Mechanical Dosing Pumps, or to purchase our products.