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Obsolete Conductivity Probes

This section of our site looks at some of the obsolete range of conductivity probes and conductivity sensors. You can find our current range by clicking on our products section or visiting the Conductivity Cells section.

Our conventional contacting conductivity cells have changed very little since 1982. The J-boxes have changed from the nylon to ABS J-Boxes and then to plug on connectors for convenience of changing the cells without needing to disconnect the wiring. The dip cells have been manufactured with PVC, Kynar and Stainless steel riser tubes and the simple in line cells are still made in PVC.

Conductivity Sensors with 2 core screened cable red and blue have no Auto temperature compensator, Conductivity Sensors with screened four core cable red, blue, green and yellow usually have an ATC.

To provide replacements we need to know the cell constant “K” factor and the auto temp compensator type and value. Listed below are some of the common conductivity sensors, conductivity probes and conductivity cells we have supplied to work with our instruments.

Conductivity Probe: D1 Series

Conductivity Probe D1 Series

D1 Series of dip conductivity probe made with K = 0.1. 1.0 or 10.0 Riser tubes in PVC, PVDF or Stainless steel.
With or without mounting flanges.
Available with fixed cables, J-boxes or plug on connectors.

D2 Series of dip conductivity probe made with K = 0.1 and 1.0 in PVC only still in production.

We can still supply many of these cells to replace the

Conductivity Sensor: IN1 Series

Conductivity Sensor IN1 Series

IN1 Series of conductivity sensor in stainless steel for low conductivity water with K = 0.1 or 0.01. Also some lakewood 540 and 545 stainless steel conductivity sensors were supplied manufactured in 3/4” diameter stainless steel tube with a 3/4” compression fitting.

Replacement is our model PSE 01 Conductivity Sensor with a K = 0.1 or PSE 001 with K = 0.01either cell can be supplied with ATC to suit the instrument in use.

Conductivity Sensor: IN2 Series

Conductivity Sensor IN2 Series

IN2 Series of Conductivity Sensor made with K = 0.1, 1.0 or 10.0 Stainless steel boss with either 3/4” or 1” BSP male threads with either black nylon heads or ABS J-Boxes

We can still supply equivalents for many of these cells to replace the originals.

Conductivity Sensor: IN3 Series

IN3 insertion Conductiivty Sensor

IN3 series of PVC insertion conductivity sensor with K =0.1 and 1.0 low cost cell for general use at ambient temperature.

Replacement is our model IN5 01 with K = 0.1 or IN510 with K = 10 fitted with mini plug on connector.

Conductivity Sensor: IN4 Series

Conductivity Sensor IN4 Series

IN4 HT Insertion conductivity sensors with K =1.0 high temperature pressure cell in stainless steel for boiler blowdown use, discontinued in the mid 1990s, now available again with disconnect connector (see current range of Conductivity Cells).

Conductivity: FL2 cell

Conductivity Sensor FL2

FL2 Conductivity Sensor for inline use, a high quality cell moulded in epoxy with graphite electrodes, discontinued due to delivery problems.

Use recommened Conductivity Cells type CP721 cell which is manufactured in PEEK and graphite and either Stainless Steel or PVDF Tee for inline use.

Conductivity Probe: Lakewood flow cell

Conductivity Probe: Lakewood flow

Lakewood flow cell with quick release fitting, usually fitted to cooling water controllers but could have been used with other instruments. For use with 101 controller American specification ATC fitted. Cells assembled in the UK had ATC to suit local instruments. One of Dr Bob’s better designs.

For a replacement use FL3 10 Conductivity Cell which can be fitted with any temperature compensator to suit the instrument in use.

If you do not see the replacement cell you require we may still be able to supply a replacement. Please email us a digital photo of your requirements stating the temperature, pressure and solution you wish to measure with details of the controller the cell is to be used with. Make model and measuring range required will also be of help in selecting a replacement conductivity probe, conductivity sensor or conductivity cell for your application.

Contact sales on 01785 254 597 for more information on a replacement Conductivity Probe, Conductivity Sensor, Conductivity Cell or to purchase our products.