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Conductivity Control
Solution Strength Control

Conductivity is an ideal method of controlling the strength of a dilute acid or alkali solution where a concentrated solution is mixed in water as part of the process. This is often used in the food and brewing industries for CIP (cleaning in place) where the mixed solution is pumped round the pipe work and vessels to be cleaned.

Metal finishing processing vessels using chemicals for cleaning components can often be monitored and controlled by conductivity to ensure the solution is kept at the optimum solution strength.

Our recommendations are that the chemical to be used is made up as several samples of solution strengths ranging from below to above that to be used in the process and the conductivities measured to establish that there is a good change in the conductivity Vs solution strength to control from. See the graph of typical solutions Vs conductivity. Assuming there is a good conductivity Vs solution curve to control some of our controller are listed below.

Solution Strength Control and Conductivity Control

Conductivity at 25°C in milliseimens

A Graph Showing Conductiivty Vs. Solution Strength Control

Conductivity Control and Solution Strength Control - Graph Showing Conductivity Vs Solution Strength

Solution Strength Control Kits
Conductivity Control Kits

Solution strength control kits and Conductivity Control Kits

Our Conductivity Controller and Conductivity Cell can be supplied together as a Conductivity Control Kit. This includes a C3645-010-SSK Conductivity Controller in IP55 enclosure ranges 0-20.00 mS, or 0-200.0 mS, (to be specified when ordering) 1 set point 0 - 40 sec delay timer & 4 - 20 mA O/P mains supply 115 / 230 VAC

Supplied with D410T10KF 600mm long dip conductivity cell in PVDF fitted auto temp comp, mounting flange & 3 m connecting cable, max solution temp 100°C.

C3655W Electrodeless Conductivity Controller

C3655W Electrodeless Conductivity Controller in IP55 enclosure ranges 0-20.00 mS, 0-200.0 mS or 0-2000 mS, (to be specified when ordering) 1 set point 0 - 40 sec delay timer & 4 - 20 mA O/P mains supply 115 / 230 VAC

Supplied with DEC1 600mm long dip conductivity cell with auto temp comp mounting flange & 3 m connecting cable.

Kits can be made up with any of our cells or pumps to suit your application. Please call our office for prices.

Model BCT Blind Electrodeless Conductivity Transmitter

Conductiivty Control and Solution strength control products

Model BCT Blind Electrodeless conductivity transmitter manufactured in cPVC with built in electronic amplifier to provide an isolated 4-20mA signal corresponding to the measuring range, fitted with auto temp compensation to a base of 25oC at 2% per °C. The same two wires that power the transmitter also carry the current signal allowing the transmitter to be mounted up to 1000 metres away from the receiving instrument with no loss of signal (Using our LMK2 connecting cable)

BCT10 Range 0 - 10mS
BCT100 Range 0 - 100mS
BCT1000 Range 0 - 1000mS

BC7635 Panel mounting conductivity controller 0 - 10.00 mS, 0 - 100.0 mS or 0 - 1000 mS with transducer power supply, 2 control relays & 0 - 20mA current output, mains supply 115/230VAC.

C7685W-K Conductivity Controller

C7685W and Electrodless Cell & MT

C7685W-K Conductivity controller with 2 set points, alarm relay delay timers & isolated output.
Manual or auto ranging from 0-20, 0-200 or0-2000 mS, automatic temperature compensation with user selectable base temperature and adjustable temperature coefficient from 0 - 5%/°C. Programmable concentration range in either %, mg/L or Baume´. Two control relays selectable for Hi-Lo, Lo-Lo or Hi-Hi control, alarm relay with delay timer and isolated 0-20/4-20 mA output, mains supply 115/230 VAC

DEC1 600 mm long conductivity dip cell with MT (Microtransmitter) is designed for use with the model C7685 Conductivity controller, when the MT is selected in the setup menu of the C7685 the measuring ranges are either auto ranging or manually selected from 0 - 20 mS , 0 - 200 mS or 0- 2000 mS.

Solution strength controller diagram

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