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Residual Chlorine Meters
Free Chlorine Instruments
Free Chlorine Meters

Residual Chlorine or Free Chlorine is the measure of the amout of available Chlorine remaining in a system after the chlorine demand has been sastisifred.

Our Residual chlorine instruments include the CL7685. This Free Chlorine meter is based on the potentiostatic principal which uses 2 platinum bands and a reference half cell which responds to Chlorine, Bromine, Chlorine Dioxide and Ozone providing a direct readout in ppm.

Another of the Residual Chlorine Instruments we are able to supply includes model CL7635 with a traditional amperomertric cell with copper and platinum electrodes and model BC7635 which uses an amperomertric type cell with a membrane.

We also offer a portable "Free chlorine meter" with a direct readout , ideal for checking the calibration of the on line instruments.

Applications include measurement of potable waters from water treatment plants, swimming pool waters and borehole waters used for potable or industrial use.

Residual Chlorine Instruments:
Potentiostatic Controller

Residual Chlorine Meters CL7685, Free Chlorine Cell, PEF Flow Cell and SZ283

CL7685 Panel mounting μP CL2 Free Chlorine Meter with two control relays & a current output, ranges 0 - 2.00 & 0 - 20.0 ppm. autoranging

-W Waterproof enclosure to hold 1 or 2 7600 series instruments
PEF Potentiostatic flow cell with needle valve and flow indicator.
SZ283 Potentiostatic chlorine sensor

Free Chlorine Instruments:
Amperometric Analogue Controller

Residual Chlorine Meter : CL7635 and PEF1

CL7635-W Surface mounting Residual chlorine controller for drinking water range 0-10.00 ppm with two control relays, alarm relay and 0 -20 mA current output

ECL4N Amperometric free chlorine cell (organic & inorganic) for drinking water range 0-10.00 ppm

Free Chlorine Instruments:
Portable Chlorine Photometer

Free Chlorine Meters: CL2 Meter and case

C201 Portable colorimeter microprocessor based residual chlorine meter for the measurement of free chlorine. Supplied with carrying case three sample vials and test reagents with full instructions.

Amperometric Microprocessor Controller

Free Chlorine Meter: BC7635-W, PEF1 and CL2 probes

BC7635 Surface mounting chlorine controller with 2 Control Relay Relay, Alarm Relay and 0 - 20 / 4 -20 mA current output, power supply 90 - 240 volts
BC7635 Residual Chlorine Meter requires PEF/1E sensor holder and the sensor

PEF1/E Off line sensor holder with mini VA flow indicator, needle valve to hold sensor type ECL1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 or 11.

ECL1/2 Free chlorine cell (inorganic) for sodium hypochlorite Measuring range 0 - 2.00 mg/l ECL1/20 Measuring range 0 - 20.0 mg/l

Chlorine Dioxide amperometric cell with ATC 5 - 50oC Measuring range 0 - 2.00 mg/l ECL2/20 Measuring range 0 - 20.0 mg/l

Cap and membrane for cells type ECL1/2 ELECL1 Filling solution for amperometric cell type ECL1

ECL3/10 Free chlorine cell (organic & inorganic) pH compensated Measuring range 0 - 10.00 mg/l

MECL3/10 Cap and membrane for cell type ECL3/10

ELECL3 Filling solution for amperometric cell type ECL3/10

ECL8/20 Total chlorine cell measuring range 0 - 20.00 mg/l

ECL9/200 Hydrogen peroxide cell 0 - 200 or 0 - 2000 mg/l

ECL10/5 Ozone (O3) cell 0 - 2.00 mg/l

ECL11/200 Peracetic acid cell 0 - 200 mg/l

Residual Chlorine Instruments : Model CL7685W and Residual Chlorine Cell

Our Range of Residual Chlorine Meters are available in wall mounted versions too. These are the Residual Chlorine Instruments denoted with a W at the end of the model number. Such as the CL7635W Free Chlorine Instrument shown above.

Contact sales on 01785 254 597 for more information on our Residual Chlorine Instruments & Free Chlorine Meters or to purchase our products.