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High Alkaline pH Electrode for Low Sodium Ion Error

High Alkaline pH Electrode model 9037 10B

The 9037-10B High Alkaline pH Electrode has been designed for high pH applications where Sodium Ion Error occurs. For applications where the pH is above a value of 12 and precision pH measurement is critical, then we recommend the 9037-10B for Sodium Ion Error Reduction.

High Alkaline pH Electrode Model 9037-10B Introduction

Sodium Ion Error or High Alkaline Error occurs in very alkaline solutions, that is, solutions with a very high pH value. The ratio of Hydrogen Ions to Sodium Ions is such that most pH electrodes will begin to respond to the concentration of Sodium Ions. As the pH electrode responds to the sodium ions present, this causes a millivolt signal to be sent to the pH instrument. This mV signal is effectively a false positive causing the instrument to interpret this signal as a pH value lower (trending towards an acid) than the actual value.

The 9037-10B is designed as a high alkaline pH electrode to specifically combat sodium ion error in pH electrodes giving minimal sodium ion error above a pH of 13. Using a combination of special glass, a dome shaped bulb and a special reference filling material we have minimised sodium ion error in our pH electrode.

The 9037-10B is a sealed double junction pH electrode with ceramic annular peripheric reference junction and domed glass bulb for precision readings and rapid response. The double junction protects the pH electrode against electrode poisoning and the special glass and filling solution give precision results at high alkaline / high pH values, to minimise sodium ion error.

High Alkaline pH Electrode Model 9037-10B Features & Benefits

The 9037-10B is designed to combat sodium ion error at high pH values, in excess of 13 pH.

The 9037-10B offers excellent repeatability, a non-fouling peripheric annular double junction which is resistant to electrode poisoning. The glass bulb and special reference solution are designed for use in high alkaline applications, to minimise sodium ion error. The dome shaped glass bulb gives a quick response time and is designed to ensure that it can operate this way at a pH above 13.

This pH electrode has been uncompromisingly designed for high alkaline solutions to reduce sodium ion error, as such, it is only suitable for a pH range of  2-14 pH and at temperatures of 0-100°C. The 9037-10B pH electrode is widely used with our pH controller range, our inline electrode holders and our portable pH meters.

The mounting cap on the Low Conductivity pH Electrode model 9037-10B is Ryton with a small flange for mounting the pH electrode into our PES style holders.

High Alkaline pH Electrode Model 9037-10B Connection Types and cable length

The 9037-10B pH electrode is available with a number of connection types. As standard, we supply the 9037-10B with 3 metres of connecting cable and a BNC fitting.

For custom fitting types please see the below table for the ordering number and options:-

9037-10B Specifications

  • Specifications


    High Alkaline pH Electrode

    Model No:- 9037-10B

    Range:- 2-14 pH

    Operating temperature:- 0-100ºC

    Electrode type:- High Alkaline pH electrode for reducing Sodium Ion Error, special glass and special reference filling material

    Junction:- Double Junction

    Reference:- Non-fouling Peripheric Annular Ceramic, non mercury reference material

    Dimensions:- 110 mm Long x 12mm ø

    Additional:- 10 Feet connecting cable and BNC plug as standard

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberCable LengthConnector
    9037-10B 3 Metres BNC Connector (Most Common)
    9037-10T 3 Metres Stripped & Tinned Connections

    For more information on the connection type please take a look at our pH electrode connection types page.

    Electrodes with a longer cable or custom cable length are available to order.


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