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pH Buffer Solution
Redox Calibration Solution
Conductivity Calibration Solution

To ensure the proper calibration of AWE instruments and electrodes AWE offer a range of Buffer Solutions and Calibration Solutions including Hydrion pH Buffer Powders, pH buffer solutions, Redox Calibration Solutions and Conductivity Calibration Solutions which are supplied ready made up.

All our calibration solutions exceed process quality standards and are routinely used by our team of service engineers when calibrating our instrumentation and sensors both onsite and off-site

pH Buffer Solution

Our pH Buffer Solutions are ready made up with exact values of 4.0 pH, 7.0 pH, 9.0 pH and 10.00 pH.

Our easy to identify colour key means that our buffer solutions come in the following colours:

  • Red for the 4.0 pH buffer solution - pHBS 4
  • Green for the 7.0 pH buffer solution - pHBS 7
  • Blue for the 9.0 pH buffer solution - pHBS 9
  • Deep Blue for 10.00 pH buffer solution - pHBS 10
pH Buffer Solution

Each of our pH Buffer solutions can ensure a long lasting, error free, calibration solution and come ready made up in 250ml plastic bottles. Our pH Calibration Solutions are suitable for the calibration of all pH Controllers and pH Meters using single or double junction pH electrodes.

pH Buffer Powder

Our pH Buffer Powder comes in easy to store sachets for exceptional shelf life. The free flowing powder makes 500ml of buffer solution and each of the pH Buffer powders comes with a colour indicator and preservative. The colour indicator enables the pH buffer to be easily identified while the preservative prevents the growth of mould to give the pH buffer solution an extended shelf life.

Each box contains 5 chemvelopes which can have the following pH value:

  • Red for the 4.0 pH buffer solution
  • Green for the 7.0pH buffer solution
  • Blue for the 10.00 pH buffer solution

pH Buffer Powder

In addition to our standard pH Buffer Solutions pH Values we are able to offer custom pH buffer solution values for special order

Each of our pH buffer powders needs to be dissolved in demin water (deionised water) to make up 500ml of pH buffer solution

Redox Calibration Solution

We offer millivolt calibration solutions ready made up as a Redox Calibration Solution - these are available in 250 ml plastic bottles

Our Redox calibration solutions are suitable for the calibration of all Redox Controllers using single and double junction combination Redox electrodes.

Our Redox calibration solutions are routinely used for the calibration of all AWE Instruments

Conductivity Calibration Solution

For the calibration of Cooling Tower Controllers, process equipment and our conductivity controllers we offer our Conductivity Calibration Solution.

Our conductivity calibration solution is routinely used by our service engineers to calibrate both laboratory based equipment and industrial equipment used for both process and effluent treatment

Due to relationship between conductivity and temperature we ensure that each of our Conductivity Calibration Solutions have clear instructions for the change in conductivity value relating to temperature

Our Conductivity Calibration Solution are ready made up in 250ml plastic bottles and are available in the following values:

  • C1000 - 1,000µS at 25°C
  • C2000 - 2,000µS at 25°C
  • C10,000 - 10,000µS at 25°C

Contact sales for more information on pH Buffer Solutions, Redox Calibration Solutions, our Conductivity Calibration Solutions or our other products on 01785 254 597 for more information or to purchase our products.