Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Ultrasonic level transmitter MF-C

The MF-C is an ultrasonic level transmitter designed to measure the liquid level in unpressurised tanks, sumps and process vessels.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter MF-C Introduction

The MF-C is a two wire ultrasonic level transmitter which is designed to measure the distance or the level of the surface of water in a tank or process vessel.

Manufactured in chemically resistant PVDF to IP67 specification, the MF-C is designed to operate on a range of solutions including concentrated chemicals.

The MF-C works by pulsing ultrasonic sounds waves to the surface of the liquid. The ultrasonic sounds waves are then reflected back to the transmitter from the surface of the liquid.  The time taken for the transmitted ultrasonic sound waves to reverberate back to the transceiver are directly proportional to the distance of the liquid surface from the ultrasonic level transmitter.  Therefore, we can very accurately calculate the liquid level inside the tank.

The MF-C is a two wire 4-20mA device, which means that the two wires that are used to power the MF-C are also used to transmit the signal.  This makes wiring and connecting the MF-C incredibly simple, and the 4-20mA signal can be transmitted up to 1000 metres away.

As the MF-C uses an industry standard 4-20mA signal, it is ideal for connecting to our range of 4-20mA controllers, a PLC or a Data Logging device.  When using a 4-20mA controller such as our BC7635, the instrument provides a local display of the reading and powers the device.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter MF-C Ranges & Applications

The MF-C is designed to be mounted into tanks using the 2" BSP thread, integrated into the transceiver section of the transmitter.

The transceiver should be mounted with an air-gap of at least 0.4 metres (400mm) from the surface of the liquid at its maximum point.  The MF-C is able to read down to a maximum depth of 8 metres.  For deeper requirements, we offer the MF-CER which has a range of 0.4 - 11 metres.

The MF-C incorporates automatic temperature compensation to ensure that the effects of temperature are mitigated against, to ensure that MF-C accurately measures the level within tanks and process vessels.

As the ultrasonic level transmitter MF-C uses the reverberation of sound waves to calculate the level inside tanks, if liquids have a low vapour pressure (such as sodium hypochlorites) or create foam, then the audio waves can be absorbed into the foam causing false readings.  As such, the MF-C is not suitable for use on liquids of this nature, and instead we suggest the Hydrostatic Level Transducer.

Ultrasonic Level Transducer MF-C Features & Benefits

The MF-C is a cost effective level transmitter, designed with minimal moving parts with a long operational life.  The MF-C is a robust and reliable way of measuring the liquid level inside tanks and vessels.

The instrument is designed to be initially setup and calibrated to provide a long and active service.  The initial setup and calibration of the MF-C is straightforward.

The top mounting of the MF-C is designed to be unscrewed revealing a locally mounted LCD (liquid crystal display), which shows the current measurement parameters.  The height / depth of the tank is inserted into the MF-C along with the maximum level of the tank.  Using this information the MF-C can scale the 4-20mA output signal which is then sent to a compatible instrument or PLC, using the two-wire 4-20mA connection.

The distances can be entered into the MF-C in feet, metres or as a percentage of span without having to empty the vessel being measured.

Non-linear vessels, such as circular horizontal tanks, with or without dished ends, can be linearised inside the software of the MF-C, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

When combined with a 4-20mA controller a full range of control options can be incorporated including On/Off control relays and alarm relays, as well as adding a local display.

The MF-C a powerful and cost effective measurement solution.

MF-C Specifications

  • Specifications


    Model No:- MF-C

    Range (MF-C):- 0.4 - 8.00 Metres

    Range (MF-CER):- 0.4 - 11.00 metres

    Range (MF-C-I/S):- 0.4 - 11.00 metres with ATEX Approval for IS Zone 0

    Resolution:- 1.0 mm

    Accuracy:- ± 3.0mm 

    Methodology:- Ultrasonic

    Operating Temperature Range:- -20°C to 70°C

    Output:- 4-20mA isolated into 750 Ohms

    Supply:- 12-30 VDC

    Separation:- upto 3000 metres using LMK2 Signal Cable

    Case Material:- Glass filled Nylon to IP67

    Transducer Material:- PVDF (Kynar)

    Connections:- 2" BSP Thread

    Pressure Rating:- 3 Bar at 25°C

  • Features


    • Simple to install using the 2" BSP thread - ideal for screwing into tanks and process vessels.
    • Simple to setup - simply insert the tank values in the head mounted LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) - you don't even need to empty the tank! 
    • Simple integration with 4-20mA devices such as PLC's, data loggers and 4-20mA controllers
    • Accurate ultrasonic level transmitter for use on non-foaming liquids without a low vapour pressure. 
    • Maximum range of 8 metres depth with a fully scalable 4-20mA output signal for depths shorter than 8 metres.
    • Transmit a 4-20mA signal up to 3000 meters away using LMK2 connecting cable - ideal for mounting above remotely located tall vessels 
    • The housing is designed to IP67 specifications for indoor or outdoor use. 
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation to ensure precision measurements even with a variable temperature.
    • Available as an MF-C-ER for ranges up to 11 metres in depth or the MF-C-I/S with ATEX Zone 0 approval. 
    • Hassle free, reliable continuous level measurement designed for a long operational life.
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