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Dissolved Oxygen Controllers & Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Dissolved oxygen DO2 is the amount of dissolved gaseous oxygen in solution. This is usually measured in percent saturation or as a concentration ppm (mgL). We supply a hand held a dissolved oxygen meter and our OD7685 dissolved oxygen controller for panel mounting or with an optional surface mounting enclosure. Applications include control of blowers, the measurement of waters in fish farming to controlling blowers on biological effluent treatment plants.

Dissolved Oxygen Controller

Dissolved Oygen Controller OD7685

OD7685 Panel mounting DO2 meter which will display Oxygen in % saturation or ppm, (mg/L). With automatic temp comp and temperature display. Two control relays, alarm relay with delay timer and isolated current output, Optional auto cleaning of the Dissolved Oxygen Sensor maybe accomplished or a preset time with freeze and holds of the last reading and control functions.
-W W’proof enclosure to hold 1 or 2 7600 instruments

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Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor DES1-SC and D90S DO2 Probe

DES 1 Dip Dissolved Oxygen Sensor 1800 mm long with j-box & mounting flange spare membranes & filling solution

-PF Polypropylene float approx 600 mm dia with mounting for DES1 and mounting lugs for use in lagoons and sumps where there is large change in the liquid level.

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Dissolved Oxygen Sensor DO2-7

-AC Auto clean compressed air sensor cleaning system comprising of a small 240 volt air compressor solenoid and regulating valves with air blast nozzle, includes option auto clean function in the instrument

DES-1SK Spares kit to refurbish DES1 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

LMK6 Dissolved oxygen connecting cable per metre length.

OD105 Do2 simulator

DO2 Simulator

OD105 DO2 simulator for calibrating the instrument and checking the operation of Polarographic (Clark) type DO2 cells.

OX25-K Portable DO2 Meter

portable dissolved oxygen meter

The OX25-K Portable Dissolved Oxygen kit offers a cost effective solution for measuring the dissolved oxygen level and temperature in the same meter.

The OX25-K has an easy to read 12.5mm high display and can read the dissolved oxygen in either percentage saturation, or concentration in mg/L (PPM). Automatic temperature compensation is offered by the thermistors housed within the probe

The OX25-K portable dissolved oxygen meter is a cost effective, simple to use, and easy to calibrate analogue portable dissolved oxygen and temperature meter.

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