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Control Panels

You will by now know Automated Water and Effluent Ltd as the people who supply just about every type of pH electrode pH controller conductivity cell and controller etc you will are ever likely to need. What you may not know is that we can put all those components together to provide you with a complete custom built measurement, dosing system or control panel. We have built our reputation by on using high quality components so when we design a control system we bring the same high standards of excellence to bear assembling those components into a system which is supremely reliable as well as being simple to maintain. Providing the user with a reliable system with a low cost of ownership.

Our panels include but are not limited too:

  • pH Control Panels
  • Redox Control Panels
  • Conductivity Control Panels
  • Turbidity Control Panels
  • Dissolved Oxygen Control Panels
  • Dosing Control Panels
  • Pump Control Panesl
  • Mixer Control Panels
  • Look closely at our control panels and you will begin to appreciate the care and attention to detail we take.

    Notice how well planned it looks on the outside with all the instruments and controls laid out in clear logical manner.

    Opening the panel door will confirm your first impressions are correct with all the neatly laid out wiring colour coded and numbered for easy identification.

    You will soon appreciate why the same attention to detail throughout will provide you with a control panel to suit your precise requirements. Whether it's a redox control panel, pH control panel, or a control system combining our equipement - by now you will have come to realise how good design will result in a cost effective system to provide smooth reliable operation of your process.

    Recently Built Control Panels

    Armtage Redox Control Panels

    Control panels on a large pottery manufacturing facility, monitoring and controlling the discharge from settling lagoons. If the pH, Turbidity or Conductivity are outside preset limits the flow is diverted back for retreatment and settling before discharge.

    Dissolved Oxygen Control Panels

    Dundee pH Control Panels

    One of a pair of control panels designed to meet the client's requirements to control Areators. Located on treatment ponds which are batch treated on a three day rotating cycle. Inputs from our dissolved oxygen instruments control the speed of the areators. Note the large cooling fans for the invertors.

    pH Control Panels and Redox Control Panels

    MPP pH Control Panels

    pH and Redox Control panels built for an electro plater for effluent treatment of chrome. The hexavalent chrome is treated with acid and bisulphite under pH and redox control to convert the hexavalent chrome to trivalnent chrome (Cr6 to Cr3). The acidic solution is then neutralised with alkalia solution before settlement and monitoring before discharge.

    pH Control Panels and Turbidity Control Panels

    NIS Control Panels

    Turbidity and pH Control Panels monitoring discharge on a nuclear installation.
    The pH was controlling the precise addition of acid with a second pH instrument acting as a policeman to ensure a compliant discharge.

    Ginsters pH Control Panel

    Control of a biological treatment plant on a large famous food production facility. The speed of the forward feed pumps and transfer pumps was dependent on the liquid level in the balance tank. All being inverter control to ensure a smooth flow through the plant with no step to the plant load.

    Simple dosing control panel with bunded area

    A simple custom sized dosing skid with a controller and dual dosing pumps and bunded area for containing two chemical containers. The unit was designed and built to the size specified by the customer.

    A control panel for correcting the pH in an industrial system. The pH neutralisation system incorporates a P7335 pH controller, one of our new black chemical dosing pumps with low level control and a transfer pump.

    Redox Control Panel Stretton Water

    Simple polypropylne skid designed to hold all the red dosing pump with all the controls ready wired and tested to reduce the site installation time.
    The red dosing pump is mounted inside a separate housing with double confinement of the red dosing pump and hose.
    The chemical drum is stood in a bunded area so the chemical dosing is directly from the chemical container.

    Contact AWE sales on 01785 254 597 for more information on our Redox Control Panels other control systems, or to purchase from our product range.