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Amp Hour Meters Suitable For Use In Electroplating

Our Amp Hour Meters are often used in the Electroplating or Plating industry where metal finishing takes place and the electrodeposition amount is of critical importance.

In the electroplating industry the thickness of the metallic mass deposited on the work (cathode) is directly proportional to the electrical current that is being consumed.

Using an Ampere Hour Meter we can measure and totalise the electrical current flowing. By knowing the surface area that is being plated - the thickness of the plated deposit can be calculated.

Also the consumption of the chemical reagents used in the plating process is proportional to the current flow. So it is possible to automatically dose chemicals proportional to the current flow using our chemical dosing pumps

Amp Hour Meter AH515.2

Ampere Hour Meter AH515.2 is a digital amp hour meter which totalises the current flowing through the electroplating bath.

Amp Hour Meter For Use In Electroplating

The current flowing through the electroplating bath is totalled by the amp per hour meter by measuring the millivoltage across a suitable shunt - usually 0-60 mV for the full load current.

  • Input specifications: 0 - 60mV and other values are acceptable
  • Shunt Values: 0-99
  • Range: Amps per Hour or Amps Per Minute
  • Power Supply: 115 / 230 Volts AC - 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: Approximately 2VA

Amp Per Hour Meter 555.2

Digital Amp Meter AH555.2 has specifications inline with our AH515.2 meter but also features a presettable count down counter of 0 - 9999 which provides an output to start a dose timer of 0 - 99 seconds.

The Dose Timer can operate a suitable Dosing Pump to add reagent to the plating bath to replace the chemical which has been consumed.

Amp Hour Meter For Use In Electroplating

Both our AH515.2 and AH555.2 Amp Per Hour meters come with mounting connections and the full unit is 241 x 89 x 164mm.

The AH515.2 and AH555.2 weight approximately 1020 grams.

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