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Temperature and Level Controller ALT2

The ALT2 is an instrument for controlling the liquid level and temperature in plating vessels, being a combined level and temperature control instrument housed in a corrosion resistant weatherproof housing with a clear front viewing panel.

Featuring a large accurate RED led digital temperature display of 0 -100°C reading to the nearest 0.1°C with a PT100 Platinum resistance sensor. The level controller is as per our model ALC1101 level controller which uses three conducting level electrodes which maybe in various materials being compatible with the solution in the plating vessel.

The ALT2 features on / off control of the heater or PWM (pulse width modulation) where the heater is on for a period of time and off for a period of time. The ratio of on to off decreases as the set point is approached to help prevent overshooting of the temperature set point. The level control cuts the supply to the heater if the level falls below middle the middle of the three level electrodes. The longest of the three electrodes is the earth electrode required to make the electrical circuit. By using three electrodes, a differential can be set between cutting out of the heater and resetting of the heater. This differential should be large enough to ignore changes in the vessel level as work is inserted and removed from the processing vessel.

The ALT2 Temperature and Liquid Level Controller is a simple to install and use instrument featuring analogue controls, for large heaters we are the able to supply remote contractors or thyristor stacks.

We exhibited again at the Surface World Exhibition at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.

We would like to thank all the visitors who stopped by our stand at the recent surface world exhibition at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham

It was nice to see to you everyone both our old and new friend who dropped by. If you need any additional information after the exhibition please contact Tom Young our business development manager either by phoning 01785 254 597 or by emailing:-

Surface World Show 2013

At the Surface World Exhibition we demonstrated our ALT2 combined Temperature and Level Controller, as well as a microprocessor effluent monitor with a graphical touch screen display. We will have more on that exciting product in 2014

Portable pH meter PH10-K

The portable pH meter market is an enormous one with a wide and varied range of instruments available. There are some very good instruments available including the PH135 portable pH and mV temperature instrument which was featured in the Spring 2013 Watermark.

However many customers want something simple to use and low cost but better than the throw away style stick pH meter which can be compared to electronic litmus paper.

Therefore we have reintroduced our PH-10K low cost, simple and very easy to use & calibrate analogue portable pH meter with manual temperature compensation.

We are supplying the PH10-K as a simple kit comprising of PH10 portable pH meter with leather carrying case and epoxy bodied pH electrode with a 3 foot connecting cable and BNC connector.

Portable pH meters do not get simpler and easier to use than this and the electrode can be replaced by simply unplugging the industry standard BNC connector to remove the electrode.

Any standard combination pH electrode from the AWE range can be used in place of the 9015 pH electrode. For example the 9072-3B Low Conductivity pH Electrode is ideal for use in springs and mountain streams where the conductivity is usually low and the sample is very often cold.

The 9092-10B Double Junction pH electrode is ideal for solutions which can poison an electrode such as cyanide or hexavalent chrome.

The PH10 can be used as a test instrument to test any of our industrial combination pH probes in the lab or workshop, before or even during installation in your plant. This is an excellent way of corroborating an instrument or isolating any problems.

The PH10 is a really nice piece of test equipment to join the PH15K Portable pH & mV meter. and we have some technical tips in our winter 2010 water mark on how to buffer a pH electrode

The Grapevine

Continuing the subject of level and temperature control of a plating vessel one of our customers involved in the aerospace sector requested controls for several process vessels.

The customer requirements where the double security of the control of the heaters, so we designed and built a floor standing panel with duplicate temperature controllers for each heater. One of the controllers was used for the process control and the second was used as a policeman for over temperature cutout.

The policeman was wired to a second contactor in series with the main contactor used for control. Therefore if the controlling contactor failed due to welded together contacts, the increase in temperature would be monitored by the second policeman temperature controller and the second contactor would open stopping the heating.

The same principal was applied to the level controllers with two separate sets of level electrodes and level controllers, one wired to control each contactor offering double security in the case of a failed level control loop.

The customer is believed to have a received a discount on his insurance for duplicated systems.

We will of course be carrying out routine servicing and calibration of the temperature instruments and sensor with annual traceable calibration certificates being issues as required by the customers quality standards.

Remember you heard it on The Grapevine

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Portable pH meter PH135

The ALT2 Temperature and level controller with either on off control or PFM (Pulse Width Modulation) relay for proportional temperature control.

For more information please call our sales office on 01785 254 597

IWEX 2013

We are once again exhibiting at the Surface World Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC. If you missed the exhibition but would like to speak with one of our engineers then please send us an email to the front office team or contact us by telephone on 01785 254 597

Portable pH meter

The PH10K is a low cost very easy to use pH meter which offers much better results than the portable pH stick meters. By incorporating an industry standard BNC connector, the PH10K can use a proper combination pH electrode or a industrial combination pH probe.

The PH10K is supplied as a kit which includes the portable pH meter, our 9015-3B pH electrode and a leather carrying case.

Deliveries are available ex-stock and please call the sales office on 01785 254 597 for more information

Plating bath control panel for temperature and level control with built in safety over-ride

Plating bath control panel for the measurement and control based on temperature and level.

The custom control panel ordered by the client included a number of temperature controllers for use in temperature control and measurement. In addition to the controlling temperature controllers we're monitored by additional policeman controllers in the event of the a failure, giving additional safety in a process critical event. For more information on our custom control panels for process control please don't hesitate to speak to one of the team by ringing 01785 254 597

Contact AWE Ltd sales on 01785 254 597 for more information or to purchase our products.