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OX25-K Portable DO2 Meter

Following on from our Autumn Watermark 2013 article about the PH-10K portable pH meter kit, we have now reintroduced the OX25-K Portable Dissolved Oxygen meter kit

The OX25-K Portable dissolved oxygen meter kit is a cost effective simple to use and easy to calibrate analogue portable dissolved oxygen meter and temperature meter.

The OX25-K portable dissolved oxygen meter kit comprises of:-

1 x OX25 Dissolved Oxygen meter

which has user selectable ranges of:-

  • 0.00 - 19.99 mg/L (0 - 19.99 PPM)
  • 0.0 - 199.9% (Percentage Saturation)

When the instrument is in either mg/L (PPM) mode or percentage saturation mode, automatic temperature is available.

1 x Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor Model ST11

A temperature range of -30°C to +150°C can be measured across when used with the included ST11 stainless steel temperature.

1 x Polarographic Clarke type Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Model 023IP35

The Polarographic Clarke type sensor is supplied complete with replacement membranes and connects to the OX25 using a simple mini-din connector.

1 x Leather Style Carrying Case and Instruction Manual

The kit is supplied complete with a professional style carry case to ensure that all the items included within the kit can be easily stored or transited together.

The portable dissolved oxygen meter kit is used to measure the amount of oxygen present in water, which indicates the potential use of the water.

Applications include the inlet and discharge monitoring of industrial waste water treatment plants, Activated sludge plant monitoring, Aquaculture monitoring the oxygen levels in fish farm ponds and lakes, and in education for the monitoring of dissolved oxygen in laboratories and out on field trips.

The Hand Pump

As we have previously stated we all like an easy life and one thing which always looks hard work is to see operators lugging about heavy chemical drums, then lifting them to pour the chemical reagent into a chemical storage tank.

To make life simpler we have introduced a hand pump which can be supplied to bolt onto the top of the chemical dosing tank and be fitted with a flexible suction hose to go into the chemical carboy.

The outlet of the hand pump is then piped up to deliver the chemical in the dosing tank or day tank.

By operating the handle o the hand pump the chemical reagent can be safely transferred into the storage tank.

The maximum output is rated at 66 litres per minute, so this pump will make short work of transferring the contents of a 25 litre chemical drum into a dosing tank.

All health & Safety procedures and the wearing of protective clothing goggles etc. must be adhered to when handling the chemicals.

Settlement pH values

We have customers involved in the metal finishing industry who have wastewater treatment plants on this sites.

The usual principal of the treatment is to the treat the chrome and cyanide as separate streams feeding into a common pH neutralising vessel where the pH is adjusted by dosing acid or alkali as required by the use of one of our models of red dosing pump. We are frequently asked what is the best pH value to pump into the settling tank?

This should have been decided by the designer / supplier of the waste water plant who carried out the chemical trials on your waste water in their laboratory at the design stage of the plant to establish both the best reagent to use, and the volume to be dosed in, when considering your flow rate.

However many of the original designers and effluent plant builders aren't around any more and changes have been made to effluent plants over time.

Settlement pH Values for Heavy Metal residuals

So here is a simple graph of text book values for settlement pH for different metals.

Note some metals may settle best at a pH value higher than your consent to discharge, requiring acid dosing after settlement to reduce the pH to meet your consent to discharge. If you require a copy of the settlement pH graph please contact us by emailing the office

The Grapevine - Cooling Water Controllers

As the weather warms up our customers start to think about air conditioning and process cooling, which means increased load on cooling towers.

We have been supplying cooling tower controllers and cooling water instrumentation and dosing equipment since Automated Water & Effluent Ltd started in 1982.

Recently we have seen an increase in the number of factory built systems we are supplying both as back plates and enclosure based systems. This makes site installation more efficient as with current health and safety legislation working on some sites become a very time consuming and hence expensive job.

Our cooling water systems are ready built, assembled and tested, requiring only the connection of the flow and return cooling water sample, the bleed valve, discharge piping to a suitable discharge point, connection of an isolatable mains power supply and the chemical reagents supplied.

All our systems have a PVC manifold fitted with union ends for easy site connection.

The manifold is pressure tested before shipping and test certificates can be supplied for an additional cost if required.

We also supply large sized units with room for the chemical drums to be stored inside in separate bunded areas.

If you have any special requirements please contact our sales office and we may be able to help you

Double confined or bunded dosing tube

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Portalbe Dissolved Oxygen Meter

The OX25-K Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit is supplied as a complete kit including separate temperature sensor, dissolved oxygen probe with automatic temperature compensation, filling solution, membranes, instruction manual and the leather style carrying case.

The OX25-K is often used in aquaculture applications to offer a portable way of corroborating readings from installed industrial controllers, such as our OD7685 Panel Mounted Dissolved Oxygen Controller

For more information please call our sales office on 01785 254 597

High Volume Hand Operated Transfer Pumps

High Volume Hand Pump can transfer at 66 Litres Per Minute

To make life simpler for our customers, we've introduced our new high volume hand operated transfer pump.

The pump makes light work of transferring chemicals from storage tanks to dosing tanks or day tanks, by being able to transfer fluids at up to 66 Litres per minute. The pump should prevent many operators from having to manually lift and pour chemicals which can be hazardous. .

For more information on the hand pumps - please call the office and speak with one of the members of the team./p>

Gareth Hardwick joines the Service Department

No goodbyes this quarter - just a big "Hello" to Gareth Hardwick who joined the team as a service engineer in 2013.

Many of our service customers will now have met Gareth, as during 2014 we have been introducing Gareth to our service customer base.

Prior to joining us Gareth was involved in the installation of instrumentation in the water supply industry.

AWE Ltd 2014 Catalogue

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