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New pH Transmitter & Redox Transmitter

pH Transmitter model P3436

As regular readers will know we are big fans of pH transmitters, Redox Transmitters and all types of 2-wire transmitter, for their ease of installation, local calibration (where calibration is required) and the ability to mount the transmitter up to 1000 metres away from the receiving instrument.

The model P3436 is the latest new addition to our range of instruments.

The P3436 as a microprocessor based two-wire pH Transmitter and Redox Transmitter, the P3436 has the following measuring ranges:-

  • 0 to 14.00 pH
  • 0 to ±1000mV
  • -1000mV to +1000mV
  • 0 to +2000mV

The measuring ranges are user-selectable and correspond to a 4-20mA isolated output.

The P3436 is supplied either for din-rail mounting or in an IP65 w'proof housing for outside mounting.

The P3436 can be configured to work with a glass pH electrode, an antimony electrode, or a redox millivolt electrode input.

The temperature input provides automatic temperature compensation for a glass pH electrode and a solution temperature output.

The P3436 is also designed to work with our model BC7635, which is a panel mounting controller which also powers the P3436 (or any other 2 - wire transmitter). The same two wires that power the transmitter and send the return signal when using our cable type LMK2.

The P3436 can be mounted up to 1000m away from the BC7635 with no loss of signal.

The calibration or buffering of the electrode is carried out by the P3436 which should be mounted close to the pH or Redox sensor, ideally within 3 metres of the sensor, so that pH extension cables are not required.

With the instrument powered, simply plug in the electrode and you're ready to buffer the electrode. There is no need to go back to a workshop for special calibrators, no need to connect a computer, and no special expensive electrodes or proprietary connectors.

Our instruments use standard pH electrodes or standard Redox electrodes fitted with an industry standard BNC connector; both are cost effective and simple to use without compromising on accuracy and precision.


Automated Water & Effluent Ltd at WWEM

AWE at the WWEM Exhibition

At the Telford International Centre

We would like to thank all the visitors who stopped by our stand at the recent Water, Wastewater and Environmental monitoring exhibition (WWEM) at the Telford International Centre in Telford, Shropshire.

The WWEM exhibition is focused on measurement, testing, and analysis for the water, wastewater, and environmental industry.

If was nice to see everyone and we made some new contacts and caught up with some old friends too.

If you need any additional information following the exhibition, please contact Tom Young our Business Development Manager by calling 01785 254 597 or emailing to

Process Control Systems

Process Control Systems

We supply a large range of products to many different industries both domestically and internationally, which after 35 years of being in the process control business means we have learnt something about many different industrial processes.

We also supply equipment and systems for the water and wastewater treatment systems ranging from applications such as

  • Swimming pools
  • Water features
  • Cooling towers
  • Boiler water control
  • Dosing control

For Ultra-pure water monitoring we have supplied:

  • Monitoring for the semi-conductor industry
  • Monitoring for the power generation sector

We've also supplied various applications in the following industries:-

  • Textiles
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Dairy
  • Food, Beverage and Brewing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fine chemical manufacturing

Some instruments and dosing control equipment has been supplied for installation in hazardous areas certified for use in ATEX areas to mention just a few of the industry areas where we have helped our customers with problems.

It's always nice to be involved in a customers project which covers both the process control and the effluent / waste water treatment.

We recently designed and built a control panel for a regular customer which controlled the heating of process tanks containing aggressive chemicals - where stainless steel sensors would not have been suitable.

We have a lot of experience in controlling heated process tanks - so this was simple to solve for our customer.

The process involved a large number of rinse water tanks which were all controlled by our conductivity controllers.

Our customer requested the controllers be panel mounted as opposed to surface or locally mounted, so that all the values of all the tanks could easily be seen in one place.

The conductivity controllers all controlled solenoid valves to add fresh water to various tanks. With the tanks all being used for different parts of the process, some of the vessels were having towns water added, others were using demin-water and a number of tanks having heated water added to the tanks, so that the work flash dried when removed from the final rinse tank.

All the heated tanks had liquid level controls to add liquid to keep the tank topped up to the working level. In addition to the level controllers adding liquid, secondary level controllers were also installed to protect the heaters in the event of a low level in the tank.

process control panel.

As we have our own range of level controllers and level electrodes with materials to suit a wide range of chemical reagents, an application like this was no problem at all for us.

Space on the site was tight, so a very simple batching control system was designed for the pH control of the rinse water discharge.

We were able to supply all the components to build the Wastewater treatment system including pH control, geared mixer, liquid level controls and a proportional control caustic dosing pump.

At some point the customer will need to add a discharge to drain flow meter and discharge pH meter with a data logger / paperless recorder - such as our Online Data Logger. This will send the data from the panel to our secure server, which the customer can then view from his browser.

The Online Data logger will be available to all customers shortly - and we'll be looking at this in more detail in our Spring / Summer issues of The Watermark.

When a system is installed, we can complete an on-site commissioning service to ensure that the system is ready to begin operation. We can also supply calibration certificates traceable to national standards for the process instrumentation integrated into the system.

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We offer replacement electro-chemical sensors, instrumentation, as well as a number of engineered solutions including our process control systems and control panels, or backplate systems, dosing skids and cabinets.

Whether it's water treatment, process control or effluent treatment, our engineering team have the experience and the expertise to advise on our engineered solutions to assist with your requirements.

For more information on our systems or to discuss a specific system please don't hesitate to get in touch on 01785 254 597 or by emailing and we will be happy to discuss your process or requirement.

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