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Portable pH, Redox and Temperature Meter PH135

The PH135 is a new highly specified portable pH, redox and temperature instrument with the accuracy of a laboratory bench pH instrument.

The PH 135 features a large easy to read alphanumerical display which provides assistance to the user with prompts during various phases of use.

The PH135 features selectable scales of 0 - 14.00 pH with a resolution of 0.01 pH when used with a combination pH electrode, change the sensor to a platinum combination electrode and select the millivolts range and the PH135 will measure Redox millivolts over the range of -1200 mV to +1200 millivolts with a resolution of 1 mV. The pH range can be manually set to the solution temperature over the range of 0 - 100°C (°F can also be selected).

By using the stainless steel temperature probe the pH measurements maybe automatically temperature compensated over the range of -10°C and +110°. Accuracy is ensured by the use of a 3 wire RTD Temperature Sensor as seen in the Winter 2013 Watermark.

The PH135 has a built in data-logger so when the user is our and about checking the pH of a cooling water controller or remote effluent discharge, then up to 100 readings may be stored and retrieved later.

The PH135 is supplied as a kit with a 9015-10B Epoxy Bodied Combination pH Electrode with 900 mm long cable and BNC connector, an ATP1000 Stainless Steel Temperature Probe for temperature measurement / auto temperature compensation, with 900 mm long cable and connector. We also supply 4 pH and 7 pH buffer solution ready for use.

We are exhibiting again at this time at the Iwex Exhibition 16th, 17th & 18th of April 2013.
We'll be at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.

Once again Automated Water & Effluent Ltd. will be exhibiting at the IWEX exhibition at the NEC on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the 16th, 17th & 18th of April 2013.

If you need tickets then please call the sales team on 01785 254 597 or email the front office team.

On the stand will be our new touch screen effluent discharge monitor to record and data log Flow, pH and Temperature.

New on the stand will be the new portable pH meter model P135 and the portable conductivity meter the C135. We'll have more details on the C135 in the Summer Watermark.

We will also be showing our 7600 range of instruments, including our pH Controller range, Redox controller range, dissolved oxygen controller range and chlorine controller range, as well as our 4-20mA slave controllers.

To compliment our instruments we will also be showing items from our wide range of pH Electrodes and Redox Electrodes. Including pH probes for submersion into open tanks or unpressurised vessels, immersion into vessels and pH probes for installation into pipes, offline flow sensors and auto clean pH electrodes, conductivity cells, dissolved oxygen sensors and turbidity sensors

There will also be a selection of our red dosing pump range with accessories including our range of dosing quills, pressure relief valves, suction lances, and flow sensors.

We are also able to build dosing and control systems and back up our products with on site commissioning and routine service contracts.

Peristaltic Pumps and Timed Dosing

We are not great fans of peristaltic pumps, as most peristaltic pumps do not have continuously rated motors and due to the operation of the pump the tubes require regular replacement if the pump is run continuously

However there are many applications where this is not a problem as the pump is only subject to intermittent use and is required to dose non-hazardous chemical reagents

The Model TPD Timed Peristaltic Dosing Pump is ideal for those applications being a simple to install and use surface mounting pump.

The pump is controlled by a built in seven day digital timer allowing up to 5 timed output per day with day repeat and day skip functions, providing flexible dosing programs to sit man simple dosing applications.

Power supply is either 230 VAC with the option of a battery powered unit for sites with no main power.

Applications for the peristaltic pump include drain dosing with enzymes to prevent a build up of fats, oil and grease.

The Grapevine

As a result of our article about our ALC1101 Level Controller and level electrode in the 2012 / 2013 Winter Watermark we received an enquiry from a UK company looking to export to Nigeria a Level Control unit for use in deep concrete sewage chamber.

The UK customer building the plant wanted something simple and cost effective so level electrodes and controllers were selected. The end user in Nigeria had previous good results using copper electrodes and has specified copper for this application. So we set too and manufactured a batch of our traditional LE3 flange mounted level electrode holders modified to hold copper electrodes.

As the chamber was 6 metres deep we made some intermediate mounting brackets to be fixed two thirds of the way down the chamber to support the long copper electrodes and stop them from swinging about.

We were advised that the chamber only ever fills during the rainy season, the remaining time only the bottom of the chamber fills.

To make shipping easier we supplied the electrodes in 3 metre lengths with connectors.

The photograph shows just one set of three electrodes used for a single pump control.

Remember you heard it on The Grapevine

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AWE-Ltd 2013 Catalogue

The 2013 Spring Water Mark is available as a PDF or for printing or to read offline.

Portable pH meter PH135

The PH135 Portable pH, Redox and Temperature Meter with built in datalogger and BNC connection is now available with ex-stock deliveries from Automated Water & Effluent Ltd.

For more information please call our sales office on 01785 254 597 or take a look at the PH135 Data Sheet

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd 2013 Catalogue

We still have a few copies of our Automated Water & Effluent Ltd 2013 catalogue left, so if you would like a copy please email our front office team and request one or contact us by telephone on 01785 254 597

IWEX 2013

We are once again exhibiting at the IWEX section of the Sustainability Live 2013 if you would like to request a ticket or book an appointment with one of our engineers then please send us an email to the front office team or contact us by telephone on 01785 254 597

peristaltic pump

The TPD Timed Peristaltic Dosing Pump has a built in seven day digital timer.

The TPD peristaltic pump can have up to 5 timed outputs per day, it has day repeat and day skip functions too.

In addition to the TPD we offer a range of peristaltic pumps with out puts up to 120 Litres per hour on a 15 minute duty cycle. The smallest peristaltic we offer can output 3.0 Litres per hour and comes in a compact sized casing. We also offer a full range of replacement peristaltic tubing in Santoprene, EPDM and Silicon normally available ex-stock. Call the sales office on 01785 254 597 for more information

long level electrodes

The long level electrodes exported to Nigeria by our customer

As the level electrodes measured over 3 metres in length a special reinforcing bracket was added two thirds down the length of the electrodes to prevent them from swinging and ensuring that they remained in place.

Contact AWE Ltd sales on 01785 254 597 for more information or to purchase our products.