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Dosing Pumps - The New C+ Series.

The new C+ Series of black fosing pumps

Our premium range of black dosing pumps are proving popular, especially with the end user who appreciates the quality and long life expectancy of the black dosing pump.

The quality will be long remembered after the price has been forgotten.

To complement the E+ Series of black dosing pumps as featured in the Winter issue of the watermark, we are adding the C+ Series of black dosing pumps. The C+ Series of black dosing pump are more compact dosing pumps - with a lower output and a lower price point.

There are four pumps in the C+ Series ranging from 0 - 0.9 L/Hr through to 0 - 4.7 L / Hr all against a max pressure of 5.6 Bar.

Wetted Parts

Standard wetted parts are PVC head, teflon diaphragm and seals with ceramic ball valves, with the option of either PVDF or 316 stainless steel being available at extra cost.

The C+ features manually adjustable stroke length and a manual or automatically adjustable frequency. i.e. the number of strokes the pump makes per minute, this gives the user a very wide turndown ratio of the pumps output.

The external pacing option can be selected - which will control the frequency or speed of the output of the pump by pulse frequency modulation (PFM). The pump will make one stroke for each volt free contact closure. i.e. a 1:1 ratio, the dose rate achieved can be adjusted over a 10:1 ratio by means of adjusting the pump stroke length. This controls the movement of the PTFE diaphragm into the pump head which is proportional to the volume of chemical reagent drawn into the pump on each stroke.

The external pacing control is usually from either a contacting-head water meter or the pulse frequency modulation (PFM) output from one of our pH controller's either model P7685 or MO5-pH.

Our C+ dosing Pumps feature metric sized hoses making them easier to install as replacements for our existing pumps.

Please note - not all manufacturers use the same size of hosing. Our C+ Pumps use 6 x 8mm as this offers lower resistance to flow and allows a higher viscosity solution to be pumped.

The C+ pumps will pump up to 1000 cps with a suction lift of 1500mm max when fitted with the foot-valve and strainer assembly - which is supplied with the dosing pump

Our recommendation is still to install any pumps with a flooded suction for any viscous solution and keep suction pipe work as short as possible

The C+ Series of dosing pumps are ideal for water treatment applications including dosing of acids and hypochlorites into swimming pools controlled by pH and residual chlorine instruments.

The volt free contact can also be supplied from a water meter meaning that the C+ Series of dosing pumps are perfect for flow proportional dosing of a wide range of industrial chemicals into a water flow.

The pumps are also ideal for pH adjustment in small systems and they can either be on / off controlled or proportionally controlled from one of our pH controllers. Boiler feed water chemical dosing and cooling water dosing of inhibitor and biocides from one of our cooling water controllers.

More information on the C+ Series of black dosing pumps here

To request a data sheet please email

Simple Liquid Level Control and Alarm

Sometimes the best things are the simplest and most reliable.

Our FS10 float switch is one of these, being very simple to use and easy to install

float switch model FS10

The FS10 is a float switch with a 10m cable (even the part number is simple!) It has a mercury free float switch with a corrosion resistant housing in Polyethylene fitted with a 10m long PVC cable.

The FS10 float switch has a stainless steel ball which moves inside an internal housing to operate a micro switch for switching purposes so the switching action is mercury free

The switching unit is a change over unit with a:-

  • Common
  • Normally Open (N/O)
  • Normally Closed (N/C)

contact rated at 10 amps non-inductive and 4 amps inductive.

An option is an adjustable weight, which may be positioned to increase the FS10 switching range as per the diagram:-

a diagram showing the installation of a level control float switch

Applications include the control of piston plunger pumps for filling or emptying duties and high or low level alarms in open or unpressurised tanks and sumps.

The diagram above shows a typical installation of the optional counter weight for fitting to the cable on the FS10 float switch.

This may be easily adjusted to extend the distance at which the float changes state from sinking to floating. A rough rule is the switching differential is approximately twice the distance between the float and the counter weight.

The Grapevine - Hot Castings

We recently helped a customer of ours with a foundry where they cleaned casting in a hot alkali solution and rinsed them in cold water.

multifunction valve in PVDF for attaching to red dosing pumps

The discharge from the cold water rinse tank had a very high pH which flowed through course and fine pH neutralisation sumps.

The customer would find that the pH had dropped to a low value and that there was no production.

The red dosing pumps were mounted on a flooded suction from his IBC which dosed into the subs below ground level hence - he was dosing down hill.

His problem that the acid was slowly syphoning through the red dosing pumps. To cure the problem we supplied four of our multi-function valves p/No AC-VM-PVDF (one for each pump).

This clever little device screws onto the outlet valve of the Red Dosing Pump with a supplied connector, along with the outlet hose which goes back to the chemical container.

Installation guide for the multifunction valve

The valve is fitted with two dials to set the pressure at the point where the pressure relief or safety function operates.

The functions of the AC-VM are as a:-

safety valve;

a loading valve to give the pump some pressure to work against;

an Anti-Syphon valve

a priming valve

and a drain valve.

Multifunction valves are available in both Polypropylene and PVDF with either Viton or EPDM seals. If you require more information on the AC-VM multifunction valves please contact our sales office by calling 01785 254 597.

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AWE Limited 2015 Catalogue

The new C+ Series of black dosing pumps are available ex-stock from our stores. Each pump is tested before leaving our stores and supplied complete with injection valve, bleed valve, foot-valve and strainer assembly and 4ft of suction & discharge tubing.

Everything you need to begin chemical dosing right in the box

Dosing tubing in PTFE, PVC, LDPE, PP, and PVDF

Dosing applications can vary wildly from the pressure and flow rate to the chemical being dosed.

We're experienced in dosing some very aggressive chemicals at high flow and high pressures.

To complement our range of dosing pumps we offer a number of different types of dosing tube across a range of metric sizes and in a number of materials, including PTFE, PVC, PolyEthylene, and PVDF with ex-stock deliveries on the most common types.

Call the sales team on 01785 254 597 in you require a quotation

Contact AWE Ltd sales on 01785 254 597 for more information or to purchase our products.