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Black Dosing Pump Range Tuff as Old Boots

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To complete our range of red dosing pumps which provide a cost effective solution to accommodate a wide range of industries, we have introduced a new black dosing pump which is a heavy duty foot mounting solenoid pump featuring manually adjustable stroke length and a manual or automatic frequency adjustment.

The frequency adjustment is used to adjust the number of strokes the pump makes per minute, which in combination with the adjustable stroke length gives the pump a very wide turndown ratio of dosing pump output.

If the external pacing option is selected - which is the control of the pumps stroke frequency or the speed of the dosing pump output - which is given by an external PFM (pulse frequency modulation) signal. In this instance the pump makes one stroke for each volt free contact closure (i.e. a 1:1 ratio) the dose rate achieved can be adjusted over a 10:1 ratio by means of adjusting the pump stroke length.

Adjusting the dosing pump stroke length controls the movement of the PTFE diaphragm into the pump head, which is proportional to the volume of chemical reagent drawn into the dosing pump with each stroke.

The external pacing control is usually from either a water meter or a PFM output from one of our controllers modules - the P7685 and M05-pH both offer PFM outputs.

The advantage of using a proportional control dosing pump is that it is very easy to adjust the pump output simply by turning the stroke length dial when the ump is running. The stroke length dial is scaled from 0 - 100% - please note that setting the stroke length below 10% is not recommended as the repeatability of the dosing rate can be compromised.

Being a mature design with a large installed base of pump in a wide variety industries the pumps are very reliable, as one customer commented "We purchased some of these over 20 years and we forgot, they are as tough as old boots.

We are holding a stock of the E+ range which have outputs from 0 - 95 Litres / Hr against 2 bar pressure, with external pacing and a low level float switch input which. The low level float switch can be used with an optional float switch to strop the pump running dry. Mains supply will be 230 VAC with 110 VAC available to order.

Find out more about our black dosing pump range here

Boiler Water Sampling

Its that time of year when our water treatment customers think about chemical treatment for boilers. That also means testing the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) this is usually achieved by the use of a conductivity meter. Our model CL8-K conductivity meter kit is just right for the job. The ratio between conductivity and TDS is approximately 0.7 - so multiply the conductivity reading of your boiler water sample by 0.7 and you have the TDS value.

Note:- this factor can vary depending on the chemistry involved, check with your water treatment provider for the factor they use.

On the subject of taking samples from boilers you should use a sample cooler to cool the sample you are going to analyse. We are delighted to introduce our new sample cooler which is all manufactured in stainless steel, meaning that you can expect longer life, no corrosion on the outside case or chipped paint, and generally a better product manufactured from a superior material.

The sample cooler complements our new chemical dosing pots as featured in the Autumn issue of the Watermark from 2014.

To make life easier, and we all want an easier life, for our customers we will include a stainless steel regulating valve with our sample cooler model - SC-SS-FC. Before purchasing your next sample cooler please check to see if it include a regulating valve!

Note when using any sample cooler please check to ensure the cooling water is flowing before taking any samples.

We will be pleased to supply systems for automatic TDS control using a conductivity controller and conductivity cell taking a sample which has flowed through a sample cooler. We can even include a temperature sensor and shut off valve to prevent hot water flowing through the sample cooler in the event of a cooling water flow.

The Grapevine - Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

During the early part of the year a regular customer with several facilities world wide asked us to help by designing a portable rig which would measure and record pH, Turbidity and the flow of their waste water being pumped into the effluent plant before flowing into settling lagoons.

The original idea was that the unit could be used internationally if required to identify and problems with the particular sites discharge. To our knowledge the rig has remained within the United Kingdom.

The effluent flow is pumped through the PVC manifold which is designed so as to keep the pH electrode wet at all ties and meet the requirements of the mag-flow meter. (Mag-flow meters or Magnetic Flow meters must have a straight section of pipe before and after the point at which the mag-flow meter is installed. The length of straight pipe prior to the mag-flow meter must have a length equal or greater than 5 times the diameter of the mag-flow meters diameter. The straight section of pipe after the mag-flow meter must have a length equal or greater than 3 times the diameter of the magnetic flow meter.) Part of the requirement was for the pipe was to allow for two tee's with removable plugs. This meant that in the event of a blockage (the effluent had a high viscosity) the plugs could be removed and the pipes could be cleaned in the event of a blockage.

The customer found that the effluent had a high sludge content which fouled the turbidity and pH probe. We replaced the pH electrode with a flat glass style pH probe and supplied a Coriolis meter which measured the mass flow and density. These along with the pH were recorded on the paperless chart recorder / data logger. We have a satisfied customer and the rig is now permanently installed on a site in the UK.

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Mandy's Back

AWE Limited is pleased to annouce that Mandy Wardall has returned to work in our busy main office.

We are pleased to welcome back Mrs. Mandy Wardall.

Mandy has returned to work in our busy main office looking after our sales service enquiries, service contracts, administration duties and the companies health and safety.

Mandy is married to husband Mike and they have two grown up children, Mandy's hobbies include walking in the Staffordshire countryside, coaching a youth football team, classical music, and dining out.

Shot dose timer system with stainless steel injection quill.

Stainless Steel Sample Cooler to cool a sample ready for analysis.

Conductivity controlled make up system.

The portable conductivity meter kit the CL8-K allows the testing of samples for the Conductivity value or TDS value, which is normally based on the conductivity to TDS ratio (Approx 0.7 but check with your water treatment provider).

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