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CL8 Portable μS / Conductivity Meter Kit.

We are delighted to add the CL8-K Portable Conductivity Meter Kit to our ever expanding range of portable instruments. Like the other instruments in our range of portable instruments, the CL8 is a cost effective instrument for the measurement of electrolytic conductivity.

The CL8 features 3 user selectable ranges:-

  • 0 - 200μS
  • 0 - 2000μS
  • 0 - 20.00mS

Each with automatic temperature compensation.

The conductivity of solutions with a change in temperature. A warmer solution has a higher conductivity than the same solution at a lower temperature.

Our instruments including the portable range correct the conductivity back to the international standard of 25°C

The CL8-K comes complete with carrying case and a simple robust epoxy bodied cell with a K=1.0 value

The measuring ranges maybe extended using cells with different cell constants or "K values".

A cell with a K = 10.0 the readings displayed are multiplied by x10, with a K = 0.1 cell the readings are divided by 10

The model Cl8 Portable Conductivity meter can be used as a portable for testing the conductivity of distilled or demin-water, towns water, boiler water blowdown, or evaporative cooling water. The CL8 Portable Conductivity Meter is also at home being used in a laboratory or even on a plant room bench for testing samples in beakers.

Replacement Conductivity Cells for the CL8

We are able to offer replacement original cells and optional cells with K = 0.1 and K = 10.0 which extend the measuring range of CL8-K Portable Conductivity Meter Kit. The part numbers for the conductivity cells are as follows:-

  • A1003 - General Purpose black epoxy cell, K = 1.0 with ATC and 3ft cable
  • A1004 - General Purpose black epoxy cell, K = 0.1 with ATC and 3ft cable
  • A1005 - Heavy Duty cell in epoxy and PVC, K = 10.0 with ATC and 3ft cable

Conductivity Standards

We do offer a range of certified conductivity standards. Our most popular values are:-

C1000 - a Conductivity Calibration Solution 1000μS supplied in 250ml bottle

C10000 - Conductivity Calibration Solution 10,000μS supplied in 250ml bottle

Data Logging pH Instrument
MO5-pH upgrades - ATC by PT100 and data logging option.

Our MO5-pH Surface Mounting pH Controller has just improved with a change in the electronic circuitry and software.

The changes now allow the use of an industry standard PT100 Platinum Resistance Sensor. This is used for both the temperature display and the automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for the pH range - which can make life a whole lot easier!

As the MO5-pH now works with our standard ex-stock pH probes which are already fitted with a PT100 Platinum resistance sensor.

The simple and easy to use menu's remain the same

The MO5-pH is also available as an option with a built in Data-Logger enabling the instrument to take readings at user specified times. i.e. One every minute or say 10 ten times per hour etc. The stored records are saved to an S.D. card which can be downloaded and used to chart or graphically represent the your pH values.

For customers who do not wish to do this and have a service contract with ourselves - we can take of this for you and supply you with the charted data either in PDF or another format it preferred - which is normally emailed back to you after the service visit.

HF Resistant Electrodes - Technical Tips

From time to time we have an enquiry for adjusting the pH of a solution containing HF (Hydrofluoric Acid). HF Acid is a very hazardous product, it's very difficult to handle and should be treated with great respect - ensuring that all health and safety regulations are closely adhered too.

Having fitted glass combination pH electrodes to the pH electrode system at a glass works back in the 1970's only to get a phone call the next day to inform us that the glass bulb of the pH probe was no longer there - we quickly learnt that HF Acid and glass do not go together.

As this was back in the 1970's (we have been doing this for a very long time) we now supply and fit the AS183-20B Antimony Electrodes and the problem is solved!

We are sometimes surprised that HF Resistant Glass Electrodes are advertised from time to time, how can this be when HF Acid cannot be stored in a glass container?

It appears that the trick is to make the glass bulbs from a slightly thicker glass so that it lasts longer before being dissolved. Then the idea is to neutralise the acid as quickly as possible so that the pH is above 7pH, and the glass is not affected.

If you are comfortable with this - then we can supply our PS183-20B pH electrode with thicker glass, however - all things in electro-chemistry are a trade-off against each other and a thicker glass has a slower response time, the electrode will still be destroyed if it's left in hydrofluoric acid (HF Acid) at a low pH - so if you decide to pursue this route - you have been warned!

Please note - you cannot use the AS183-20B Antimony and HF Resistant pH electrode with any old pH controller - as the output is different to a standard pH probe. Our P7635 and P7685 have special software to be used with the AS183-20B pH electrode

The Grapevine - Custom Batch Controller.

An End User customer of ours recently mentioned that he was having problems adding the correct volume of mineral acid to his process, as the operators on each shift seemed to be able to add a different amount of acid.

The volume added to his process had effects on the quality of the final product.

We designed and built a dosing rig with three model dosing pumps each fitted with our AC-SF flow sensor which is supplied with the wetted parts specified to be suitable chemical resistant to the acid being dosed. The AC-SF flow sensor is able to accurately measure the acid flow.

Out technical manager Chris Michael is a very clever guy who wrote the software for a mini-PLC to act as a batch controller. The device shows a mini flow diagram of the customers process. So while the operator knows the volume of acid to be added to the process - all they need to do is push the start button and the system will batch in the required volume of acid.

The PLC display counts down the amount of acid to be dosed, level sensors in the acid tank stop the system if the acid runs out and operates an alarm.

If the acid container is empty the process cannot be started.

As the system is used to dose three process vessels, three pumps are so fitted so all three vessels can be filled together.

Acid is delivered in 205 Litre containers and the dosing skid is fitted with a transfer pump to fill the 300 Litre Day Tank which has a high and low level sensor to prevent the pump from starting if there is not room for the 205 litres and as a high level alarm or policeman to prevent the day tank from over-flowing.

The skid is also has a built in bund allowing it to contain 110% of the day tank capacity.

If you have a situation that requires a bespoke system to be built - then please do get in touch with our sales team by calling 01785 254 597 or emailing

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Portable Conductivity Meter

The CL8-K Portable Conductivity Meter Kit is supplied as a complete kit including leather style carrying case, instruction manual, batteries, and a robust general purpose conductivity cell with K = 1.0 value and automatic temperature compensation for accurate conductivity measurements.

The CL8-K is often used in plant rooms where demineralised water or rinse water is used as a portable way of corroborating readings from installed industrial controllers, such as our C7635 Panel Mounted Conductivity Controller.

For more information please call our sales office on 01785 254 597

MO5-pH Data logging pH controller with GSM modem option

pH controller MO5-pH with built in data-logger for the logging of the pH values.

The updated MO5-pH has been through a software and circuit update. We can now use an industry standard PT100 input for highly linear temperature readings and for the temperature compensation - which makes the instrument compatible with our ex-stock range of pH electrodes.

In addition to the software and circuit update - the MO5-pH is available with an optional built in data-logger. This is controlled from the MO5-pH's easy to use software to set custom logging times (i.e. - every 10 seconds, or every minute) and a GSM modem option is available for remote alarms.

Hydorfluoric resistant pH electrode system - the AS183-20B in the  AS90S dip pH assembly.

Our HF resistant pH electrode system the AS183-20B

The AS183-20B Hydrofluoric Acid resistant pH electrode system is pictured above in the AS90S dip pH electrode assembly. The AS90S is manufactured measuring 1000mm long as standard and custom sizes from 300mm up to 3000mm are available.

Control panel for the automated batching of 3 x reagents and associated tranfer pump

Custom batching control panel.

The custom batching control panel was designed to allow a customer to transfer acid from a 205 Litre container to a 300 litre day tank. The acid that is then in the day tank is batched into one of 3 process vessels. The operator simply touches the screen to indicate which process vessel is selected, inputs the volume into the PLC and the associated dosing pump then batches the acid to required vessel.

As the product quality is dependent on precision batching of the mineral acid - this new custom control panel has helped the operators ensure that the correct amount of acid is batched.

For more information on how a custom control panel can help your process please speak to the sales or call the sales office on 01785 254 597

Contact AWE Ltd sales on 01785 254 597 for more information or to purchase our products.