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Chemical Dosing Pots

It's that time of year again when our Water Treatment customers think about chemical treatment for closed hot water systems

The traditional method of dosing corrosion inhibitor is by chemical dosing pot or shot feeder which is a steel pressure vessel incorporated into the heating systems pipe circuit work.

The chemical dosing pot is usually installed inside a plant room or a boiler house.

The chemical dosing pot is included in the pipe work circuit so it is in the water flow, isolating valves are fitted to interrupt the flow so the chemical dosing pot can be drained of water by a drain valve which is then closed. The top mounting fill valve is then opened so the chemical dosing pot can be refilled with the chemical reagent via the funnel mounted on top of the chemical dosing pot.

The fill valve must be closed, check the drain valve is closed, the isolating valves are re-opened introducing the shot dose of inhibitor into the system.

Traditionally the dosing pots have been manufactured in mild steel which is then shot blasted and powder coated.

We are delighted to introduce our new dosing pots which are manufactured in stainless steel. The benefits are a longer life, no corrosion on the outside case or chipped paint - it's just a better product manufactured from a superior material.

Our chemical dosing pots are supplied complete with the valves and a stainless steel funnel. Several sizes are available and are usually available ex-stock during the winter months.

WWEM 2014 Exhibition
At the Telford International Centre

We would like to thank all the visitors that stopped by the AWE Ltd stand at the recent Waste, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring exhibition (WWEM) at the Telford International Centre in Telford Shropshire.

The WWEM Exhibition is focused on measurement, testing and analysis for the water, wastewater and environmental industry. It was nice to see you all, we made some new contacts and caught with some old friends who dropped by.

We took a selected range of equipment to the exhibition - including a full suite of pH electrodes, and our dosing pump range.

If you need any additional information after the exhibition, please contact the sales team on or give the office a call on 01785 254 597.

We had on show some prototypes of our new instruments - which will be available during the new year when final testing and evaluation are completed.

We'll have more information about our new product range in the 2015 Watermark

Inhibitor Dosing Pumps

There is usually more than one way of doing a job and adding corrosion inhibitor into a sealed system, be it LPHW (Low Pressure Hot Water) or chilled water is an example. The traditional method of dosing corrosion inhibitor is by a chemical dosing pot, however another option is to use a dosing pump.

We stock a wide range of dosing pumps, some with a high pressure outputs from a simple HY-BL 12-1.5 which is 0 - 1.5 Ltrs / hr against 12 bar pressure or the AT1BX-18-2 which is 0 - 2 Ltrs / hr against 18 Bar through to stainless steel piston pumps with very high pressures and flow rates. We can also supply stainless steel injection quills and non-return valves.

The interesting part is how to control the dosing pump, this can be either by

  • a simple shot dose timer, where pushing a button runs the pump for a pre-set time and hence doses a known volume.
  • By a seven day timer - again where a pre-set run time is set at regular intervals (ie. deliver a known dose at 9:00am every Tuesday morning.)
  • By conductivity control where a pre-set conductivity value is maintained with the addition of fresh water into the system. The fresh water will cause the conductivity to decrease and start the inhibitor dosing pump.

With the conductivity control method - be sure to check the conductivity of the feed water and inhibitor to make sure that there is a measurable difference to control from an use the low conductivity set-point as an alarm if the conductivity drops too low - as this could be caused by leaks in the system.

By fitting a flow meter to the make up water the inhibitor can be dosed proportionally to the make-up water flowing through the flow meter.

We are able to design and supply any of the listed systems, your chosen system can also be built into a simple skid with a bunded area for the chemical drum - so need to pour chemical into a funnel!

New Conductivity Cell

The Model PSE-01 Conductivity Cell is specially designed to be small and compact stainless steel electrolytic conductivity cell.

It is ideal for monitoring solutions with very low conductivities directly in tanks, vessels and large bore pipe work.

The model PSE 01 Conductivity Measuring Cell has a cell constant of K = 0.1 allowing measuring ranges with AWE Instruments of 0 - 2μS and 0 - 20μS to be achieved.

The cells can be fitted with optional automatic temperature compensation.

Typical applications include anion, cation and mixed bed demin water monitoring as used in the semi conductor washing and power-generation industries.

Conductivity Cell for use with Ultra Pure Water

The PSE-01 Conductivity cell with K=0.1

If you need data sheets on the PSE-01 stainless steel conductivity cell or any of our surface mounting or panel mounting conductivity controllers then please contact the sales office on or by telephone on 01785 254 597

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AWE Ltd 2014 Autumn Watermark

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Chemical Dosing Pot

Our Stainless Steel Chemical Dosing Pot range are available as ex-stock items during the winter months and are perfect for 'chemical treatment in closed hot water systems.

For more information please call our sales office on 01785 254 597

WWEM 2014 Exhibition

pH controller MO5-pH with built in data-logger for the logging of the pH values.

The Waste Water and Environmental Monitoring Exhibition 2014. Held at the Telford International Centre was an excellent chance for us to display our the prototypes from our coming instrumentation range.

Thanks to all the visitors who took the time to come and visit our stand - it was great to meet some new people and to see some old friends.

Shot dose timer system with stainless steel injection quill.

The shot dose timer system complete with stainless steel dosing quill.

Proportional dosing system for dosing inhibitor into a feed water sytem.

Proportional controlled dosing pump for inhibitor dosing into a feed water system.

Conductivity controlled make up system.

Conductivity controlled make up system supplied onto a backplate with the associated isolation valves.

Leon Morgan joins the AWE Ltd team.

We are pleased to introduce Leon Morgan, who many of our regular customers will have already spoken too.

Leon joined us recently to strengthen our sales team and is based at our Stafford facility.

Leon's hobbies include sport, military history, cooking, reading, films and going out and socialising.

Contact AWE Ltd sales on 01785 254 597 for more information or to purchase our products.