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Amperehour meters

We are pleased to say that many of our customers involved in metal finishing are busy and investing in new plant and equipment, which is good for the U.K. economy and manufacturing in general.

Keeping the correct solution up to strength in a plating vessel is always a chore for the operator so we have a solution.

Our model AH515.2 Amperehour meter is an amperehour meter used to measure the current flowing from the rectifiers to the plating vessel.

The usual method is to fit a simple shunt into the copper bus bar, which has some resistance. This causes a small volt drop across the resistance which is proportional to the current flow.

The volt drop across the shunt can be measured, usually 0 - 60mV but the instrument is user selectable from 50 - 100mV. This is connected to the input of the amperehour meter and calibrated as the current flow. The amperehour meter totalises the current flow and when a user preset amount of current has flowed, i.e. 2000 amphours, a timer of 0 - 99 seconds (again this is user selectable) is started which provides an output to run one of our red dosing pumps to add the required amount of plating solution to keep the plating tank at the optimum level.

There is a relationship between the areas being plated; the current flow and the volume of chemical reagent consumed which requires replenishment.

Your chemical supplier will be able to advise you of these parts to suit the solution in use.

In addition to providing the amperehour meter we are able to supply a polypropylene skid mounted unit with a bunded area to hold 2 x 25 litre chemical containers, one for use and a spare fitted with a red dosing pump and suction lance assembly to fit your 25 litre drum.

We have provided units built as a dual system with 2 x Amperehour meters, and two pumps pumping from the two drums

2014 Catalogue Out Now

We are pleased to announce our new 2014 full catalogue

The 2014 catalogue features our new range of touch screen cooling water controllers with a graphic display where the customer simply touches the dosing pump or bleed valve on the flow diagram shown on the controllers display.

The controller goes straight to the required screen with no long scrolling screens to navigate

The catalogue includes all our traditional products, which includes our red dosing pumps available in electronic mechanical diaphragm and piston plunger pump versions.

Covering a wide range of chemical dosing applications we have a wide range of accessories to compliment our red dosing pumps including injection valves, pressure release valves and injection quills

Feed Verification for Dosing Pumps

As we supply a lot of our red dosing pumps for a wide range of dosing applications we are often asked if we can provide proof of the volume of chemical which can be dosed into a system. Popular requests are for feed verification of biocides being dosed into evaporative cooling towers to comply with the current regulation of L8, the addition of chemical to metal finishing baths used in the treatment of parts for the aerospace industry, precious metal plating of electrical connectors to ensure that sufficient material has been added to the plating vat, as well as dosing of additives in the food industry and many more applications.

Any of our wide range of AT series of electronic red dosing pumps can be fitted with a flow sensor which provides a signal each time the pump operates; detecting the chemical which has been flowed into your system.

Batch controlled dosing

The flow sensor can be seen on top of the AT-BX pump attached to the top of the tank

The signal from the flow sensor is connected to the input of our microprocessor based feed verification system, measuring the flow and totalising the amount of chemical reagent flow in litres. We are able to offer either a resettable counter, so a batch volume can be checked and the counter reset ready for the next batch, or a fixed (non-resettable) count that the total volume added can be displayed without the operator being able to reset the total volume. Totalisation from up to four pumps in one instrument can be supplied with various options, such as the option to data log the totals to an S.D. card for downloading later.

We can write customised programmes for both the resettable and non-resettable batch counters, so we can certainly look to accommodate any reasonable request.

Please feel free to email the sales office with for any more information

Double Confinement For Chemical Dosing

Many of our customer use our dosing pumps to dose small accurate volumes of reagent, often concentrated acids or alkalis.

We have a double confinement dosing system to increase the safety of our dosing system and to protect personnel in the event of a chemical leak.

Double confined or bunded dosing tube

Our range of red dosing pumps with double confined dosing tube in a custom made polypropylene housing.

Our red dosing pumps are available as either electronic or motor driven are now available supplied in custom made polypropylene housings.

The housings are fitted with a bolt on clear PVC front viewing panel and the dosing hose is run inside a second pipe of braided PVC to provide mechanical protection. The braided hose is run back to the housing so any leak in the dosing hose is drained back into the corrosion resistant polypropylene housing.

A larger diameter braided hose maybe fitted over the injection fitting or the injection fitting can be installed inside a polycarbonate housing at the dosing point.

For flooded suction installations the pump has an isolating valve allowing maintenance to be carried out on any pump without taking the whole system out of service.

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2013 Winter Watermark

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The AH555.2 Ampere Hour Meter

The Ampere Hour Meter Model AH555.2 is used to measure the current flowing from the rectifiers to a plating vessel, and using a countdown timer and control relay can bring power to a dosing pump to add the required amount of plating solution keeping the plating tank at the optimum level.

For more information please call our sales office on 01785 254 597

Hello & Goodbye

IWEX 2013

We say goodbye to Neil Fisher who was with us for 18 years starting with us straight from college. We wish Neil well in his new position in a very different industry.

The "Hello" is to David Mauger who started with us back in October. David brings a different skill set to our company and we wish David a long and successful time with us.

AWE Ltd 2014 Catalogue

The AWE Ltd 2014 Catalogue is out now.

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