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AWE Ltd Summer Watermark 2013 - 12 Volt Dosing Pump, Portable Conductivity and the Ultimate Service Engineer pH Kit

Portable Conductivity, TDS and Temperature Meter C135

The C135 is a new highly specified portable conductivity, TDS and temperature meter, with the accuracy of a laboratory instrument.

The C135 features a large easy to read alphanumerical display which provides assistance to the user with prompts during various phases of use. The C135 features five selectable scales of
0 - 20.00µS,
0 - 200.0µS.
0 - 2000µS.
0 - 20.00mS.
0 - 200.0mS.
all achieved when using a K=1.0 conductivity cell.

The conductivity reading may be displayed as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) with a suer specified factor of between 0.45 and 1.0. The TDS will be displayed as a PPM or PPT subject to the conductivity range.

The C135 is supplied a kit with an A1003 Black Epoxy Conductivity Cell with 900mm long cable & connector, an AP1000 Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor / Auto Temperature Compensation probe with 900mm cable & connector, and a 1000µS Conductivity Calibration Solution ready to use

The C135 displays the temperature using the three wire PT1000 temperature sensor (which we wrote a feature about back in the 2012 / 2013 Winter Watermark) over the range of -10°C or 14°F to 110°C or 230°F, with a resolution of 0.1°C or 0.1°F.

A built in data logger is able to store up to 80 readings in it's memory and also stores the last calibration date.

Battery life is increased by use of the programmable automatic switch of the timed function.

The C135 is a precision instrument which offers precision readings and repeatability normally associated with a laboratory conductivity instrument. The unit is small, lightweight and designed with an onsite engineer or technician in mind.

12 Volt Dosing Pump - Stop Press

During the summer we receive enquiries for chemical dosing in remote areas. Usually these are for hypochlorite on camp sites, corrosion inhibitor into feed water, and inside glass houses for dosing reagents into hydroponics related applications - to name just a few!

Considering the remote locations of some of these applications - there is often no mains power supply.

We are very pleased to offer a solution for these installation types, in the form of not just one but two different types of 12 Volt powered dosing pump, based on our popular AT series of red dosing pump or RDP

The 12 Volt Dosing Pump model numbers are model AT-BX12VDC-05-05, which is a 12 volt version of our basic popular dosing pump with manual dual control of the output from 0 - 100% or 0 - 20% selectable across the 0 - 5 L/Hr output at 5 bar pressure, or 0 - 3 L/Hr against 10 Bar pressure.

Model AT-MR-12VDC-05-05 is a microprocessor 12 volt dosing pump with external pacing control from a water meter, pulse frequency modulation signal (PFM) or from a 4 - 20mA control signal. This dosing pump also features batch control mode, timer function, PPM proportional dosing, and remote on / off or low chemical cut out. The outputs are the same as the 12 volt AT-BX12VDC-05-05 giving 0 - 5 Litres / Hour against 5 Bar pressure, or 0 - 3 Litres per Hour against 10 Bar pressure.

The best feature of these 12 volt dosing pumps is that the power consumption is only 6.5 watts on either pump!

The ultimate pH Service Engineers Kit
Technical Tips

We receive a regular stream of calls for our service engineers to help with pH control system problems and a good number of these are not for our own pH controller range.

We like to help where we can, but some international instrument manufacturers make life difficult by making parts which are unique to themselves but provide no discernible benefit other than preventing the user or other service companies maintaining the equipment.

In most cases it is possible to fit a new pH electrode if just the electrodes are special to that manufacturer. In other cases where some of the electronics have been encapsulated inside the electrodes it is often more cost effective to supply a replacement electrode and replacement pH controller or transmitter as the future cost of ownership is greatly reduced due to our lower cost of replacement pH electrodes..

For pH and Redox (ORP) Control loops using conventional pH combination electrodes or Redox Electrodes the following maybe of help when you have a problem.:

1 - Simulation

By using our APS2 pH & mV simulator you can check the electrical calibration of the instrument. If the instrument has a BNC connector input simply unplug the electrode and plug in the simulator, if the instrument is a panel mounting type with terminals you will need a pH-Ex cable tags to BNC socket. (We can supply these with the simulator as requested). Disconnect the electrode, fit the pH-Ex cable and plug in the simulator. You can now inject the correct millivolts output to simulate a healthy electrode. Note:- This is an electrical check and does not eliminate the need to calibrate the electrode in buffer solutions.

The APS2 pH Simulator can also be used check the insulation impedance of the pH-Ex cable with the 250M½ source resistance switched in.

2 - Process Electrode Check

By using the cost effective pH15K portable pH meter with process connector an electrode with a BNC connector can be plugged directly into the portable pH meter. When the process electrode is connected to the PH15K the electrode can be buffer checked using 4, 7 & 10 pH buffer solutions.

Hopefully by carrying out these checks an engineer can isolate and identify the faulty component.

The Ultimate Service Engineers Kit Comprises Of:-

Model APS2 pH and mV simulator

pH-Ex pH extension cable consisting of BNC connector to tagged ends. Around two metres in length should ensure enough length to get from a panel mounted instrument to a process electrode connector

Model PH15-K Portable pH, mV and Temperature Meter Kit

PHBS4, PHBS7, PHBS10 for pH 4, pH 7, and pH 10, pH Buffer Solutions for pH calibration

RBS220, RBS468 and RBS616 for 220mV, 468mV and 616mV Redox Buffer Solutions for Redox calibration

All the buffers can be supplied in 250ml bottles and items are normally available ex-stock

Replacement pH Electrodes, Conductivity Cells and Buffer Solution

Even if you choose not to use our AWE Instruments range of pH meters, Redox Meters, or Conductivity meters, then there is still a very good chance that we can supply replacement pH electrodes or Conductivity Cells which will often out last and out perform the original supplied with the equipment.

9015-3B Epoxy bodied general purpose pH electrode with 3' cable and BNC Connector

9016-3B Epoxy bodied general purpose Redox electrode with 3' cable and BNC Connector

9069-3B Glass bodied general purpose pH electrode with 3' cable and BNC Connector

9065-3B Glass bodied general purpose Redox electrode with 3' cable and BNC Connector

A1003-3B Back Epoxy Cell with K=1.0 fitted with ATC with 3' cable and BNC Connector

Our website features a wide pH electrode and conductivity cell range which is not just limited to laboratory and portable instruments

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AWE-Ltd Summer 2013 Watermark

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Portable conductivity meter C135

The C135 Portable Conductivity Meter with built in datalogger is now available with ex-stock deliveries from Automated Water & Effluent Ltd.

For more information please call our sales office on 01785 254 597 or take a look at the PH135 Data Sheet

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd 2013 Catalogue

We still have a few copies of our Automated Water & Effluent Ltd 2013 catalogue left, so if you would like a copy please email our front office team and request one or contact us by telephone on 01785 254 597

12 Volt Dosing Pump

Our AT2MT-12VDC-05-05 and AT2AM-12VDC-05-05 dosing pumps each operate from a 12 volt supply drawing only 6.5 watts each.

Each pump offers an output of 5 litres per hour at 5 Bar pressure or 3 litres per hour at 10 bar pressure

The AT2BX-12VDC-05-05 offers manual control using the front mounted potentiometer to regulate the output flow.

Model AT2MT-12VDC-05-05 offers full microprocessor control allowing the pump to dose proportionally to either a 4-20mA current input signal, from a PFM relay or contact closure from a water meter, pH controller or other compatible device.

pH Simulator Model APS2

The APS2 pH simulator is designed to replicate the signal produced by a pH electrode at varying pH levels.

Our service engineers find the APS2 invaluable for diagnosing a number of different issues which can affect accurate pH readings. By isolating the instrument from the electrode and replicating the signal our service engineers can instantly identify if the pH controller or pH electrode is at fault.

Portable pH meter PH15-K complete with processs connection.

The Portable pH meter kit comprises of a calculator sized portable pH meter with BNC connector, ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation), as well as a neat carrying case, pH electrode and stainless steel temperature sensor.>

The temperature sensor can be used as an ATC or for separate temperature measurement.

Contact AWE Ltd sales on 01785 254 597 for more information or to purchase our products.