New pH sensor.

New pH sensor from Automated Water & Effluent Ltd combining some of our best pH electrode features.

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Introducing the new
industrial pH probe.

Our new P8362-TC1-10B pH probe takes all of the innovative designs feature in our industrial pH probe range, and incorporates them into a single industrial pH probe.

The P8362-TC1-10B

pH probe with porous tuff tip reference.

The P8362-10B pH electrode is fitted with 3 metres of our specifically shielded low noise LMK3 pH cable and finished with a BNC connector. The BNC can be covered by a boot fitting preventing moisture or other contaminants from working they way into the connections and preventing a clean signal from passing through your chosen instrument.

pH probe with porous tuff tip reference.

The Tuff Tip is a unique design that provides a low profile guard for the recessed flat pH glass. Incorporating a large teflon junction reduces the chance of process fouling the porous junction. These elements combined P8362-10B delivers precision reading and a quick response time all within an extremely tough PVDF housing.

pH probe with porous tuff tip reference.

Speaking with our customers - we know that there is a lot of variation between processes - so the P8362-10B is designed with a rear mounting 3/4" BSP thread. This can easily connect our PS100S PVDF dip electrode system or the PS90S dip pH electrode system in PVC, both designed for mounting into tanks, sumps, pits or other unpressurised vessels.

pH probe with porous tuff tip reference.

When compensating for temperature in pH critical applications it seems unthinkable to measure the temperature at a different point to where the pH is measured from. That's why with the P8362-10B a high quality platinum resistance temperature device is mounted inside the pH bulb for unparalleled precision.

pH probe with porous tuff tip reference.

We know that not everyone wants to read the pH in an unpressurised vessel - so we've also ensured a 3/4" BSP front mounting thread allowing the P8362-10B to be screwed directly into a pipe or tee piece. This ensures precision inline readings as well as allowing easy removal for calibration and buffering. We still recommend that the probe is mounted at a 10ยบ angle or greater and that you install the probe in such a way as the pipe can be isolated and drained prior to probe removal.

pH probe with porous tuff tip reference.

The P8362-10B has a porous teflon junction which is designed to be resistant to the solution that is being measured. The PTFE junction ensures that the reference material is constantly in contact with the measured solution and that there is a significantly reduced chance of the process clogging or blocking the reference. The large PTFE junction gives the P8362-10B has exceptional response time and the precision expected from our range of industrial pH probes.

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