High Speed Mixers and Geared Mixers for industrial mixing of process and treatment vessels.

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Reduce chemical costs and increase efficiency using an industrial mixer.

Process effluent normally requires treatment before it complies with a "Consent to Discharge" agreement.

By using an industrial mixer in your neutralisation or treatment tanks the amount of chemical can be reduced, the treatment time can be improved and most importantly - costs can be reduced.

Industrial Agitation
High Speed Mixers

Our direct drive high speed mixers are a cost effective solution for mixing dilute chemical reagent in pH neutralisation vessels.

Our standard high speed direct drive mixers feature 316 stainless steel shafts and marine style propellers. For greater chemical resistance we offer the direct drive mixers with plastic coated propellers and shafts.

Our TM range of high speed mixers are available with 240V Single Phase or 415 V 3 Phase motor, with 110V, EX D or Air Motor to special order.

Please see the data sheet for more information

The marine style propellor from our high speed mixer range

Geared Mixers

Geared Mixers operate at a much slower rate than our high speed mixer range. The large flat bladed design and reduction ratio gearbox offer a slow, even mix.

The geared mixers are traditionally used for more viscous liquids or applications where the vessel being mixed is not always full. The GMW range are ideal for applications such as polymer make up and in tanks where a steady consistent mix is required rather than a process with a critical treatment time.

Within our range of geared mixers, we supply smaller mixers down to 50 litre tanks, right up to large dual bladed geared mixers for use in tanks over 2000 litres in capacity.

We have mixers available with 240V Single Phase or 415 V 3 Phase motor, with 110V, EX D or Air Motor to special order.

See the data sheet for more information

Slow speed geared mixer for use with polymers.

Level Control

To prevent a high speed mixer operating when a low fluid level is present we advocate the use of a level control device.

The ALC1101 Level Controller can be paired with our range of level electrodes to ensure that a mixer cannot operate when the liquid level is below a predetermined level. Level electrodes are supplied in 316 Stainless Steel, and where the electrodes are grouped together we offer plastic coated electrodes where only the last 25mm is exposed.

We also offer level electrodes manufactured in Titanium and Hastelloy C for greater chemical resistance.

We are able to supply custom designed and build control panels with motor starter, level controls and more.

Please see the data sheet for more information.

Level control to ensure the safe operation of industrial agitators.

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