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It's important to keep your caustic warm this winter.

Hats and scarves aren't the best solution; ensuring that you have the right concentration of caustic probably is...


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Many of our customers use our dosing pumps to dose caustic soda solution under pH control in their wastewater treatment plants (Effluent Plant).

Some purchasing departments buy the strongest caustic they can order, as they feel that with dilute caustic solutions they are paying for water & also paying for shipping water around the country.

We do not recommend using very strong reagent (either acid or alkaline) to dose a lightly buffered solution or treat waste water due to the logarthmic nature of the pH titration curve. Obtaining a stable pH can be difficult. Also strong caustic freezes at a higher temperature than water freezes:- thus requiring the pumps and dosing lines to be trace heated and lagged to prevent freezing.

Our suggestion is to purchase your Caustic solution at a suitable strength to resist freezing. This will also offer better control of the process, preventing overdosing. To the right is a graph of caustic strength vs freezing to identify a suitable strength for your application.

To help choose the right caustic concentration e-mail for your FREE full size copy of the caustic vs freezing graph.
If you have any other questions about pH neutralisation or AWE products call us on 01785 254 597 we will be happy to help.

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AWE Ltd have a range of process control, water treatment products and effluent treatment products available including pH controllers and a range of replacement pH electrodes. To work with our range of pH control equipment we offer a suite of dosing pumps which can work with a variety of input signals. In addition we have conductivity controllers and a range of replacement conductivity cells. For larger applications we offer piston plunger pumps. Our range of chemical storage tanks also include a range of bund tanks to match.

If you need any more information on our range then please email us at or alternatively take a look at the AWE website.

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