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Dosing Pump Accessories

Electronic dosing pumps are supplied with all the dosing pump accessories to get started (excluding high viscosity and pneumatic pumps) which comprise of a short length of soft PVC suction hose a foot valve and strainer assembly, a short length of LDPE dosing hose and an injection fitting. Additional items to help make a safe and reliable dosing system, able to provide many years of cost effective operation are as follows.

Dosing Accessories: Suction Hoses

Dosing Pump Accessores: Clear PVC Hose and LDPE Tubing

Soft PVC dosing hose may be ordered on coils of 30 or 100 meters length as this is not pressure rated it is only for use on the suction side of the pump.

For dosing we are able to supply LDPE dosing tubing on coils of 30 or 100 meters length. For greater chemical resistance we supply PVDF dosing tubing again on coils of 30 or 100 meters length. To special order we have available PTFE dosing tubing. When using any dosing tubing especially PTFE please ensure the pressure rating of the dosing pump cannot exceed the safe working pressure of the dosing hose. Our recommendations are that all dosing tubing is run inside a second tube for addition mechanical protection and to protect personal against any possibility of chemicals leaking.

NEW:- Dosing Accessories: Multifunction Valve

Our new improved multifunction valve model AC-VM-PVDF.

The AV-VM-PVDF is manufactured in PVDF for greater chemical resistance and features an anti-syphon valve, back ressure valve, and safety valve function in one valve. The AC-VM-PVDF has adjustable pressure of 0-5.0 bar and safety valve user adjustable between 0 - 19.0 Bar. The AC-VM is available for dosing pumps with 4 x6mm dosing tube size and 8 x 12mm dosing tube size. It also available with Viton or EPDM seals.

Specific order numbers are as follows:

  • 11243-PVDF:- Multifunction valve for 4 x 6mm Tubing with Viton Seals.

  • 11243LP-PVDF:- Multifunction valve for 4 x 6mm Tubing with EPDM Seals.

  • 11243GP-PVDF:- Multifunction valve for 8 x 12mm Tubing with Viton Seals.

  • 11243-PVDF:- Multifunction valve for 8 x 12mm Tubing with Viton Seals.

Dosing Accessories: Suction Lance Assembles

Dosing Accessories: LASP Suction Lance and LASP & Drum

LASP Suction lance, foot valve & low level control for installation into a chemical drum. Simply cut a hole in the chemical container cap insert the suction lance through the hole in the cap, loosely fit the back nut so the cap will turn when screwed on the drum.

There is a low level float assembly foot valve and strainer assembly and drain for the priming line from the dosing pump.

Various length and hose sizes are available or suit different sized drum and all, of the pump range.

Dosing Pump Accessories: Diaphragm Valves


The MF Multifunction (pressure, safety, anti-syphon and bleed) valve is designed to fit onto the dosing pump head and connect to the dosing tubing.

The pressure relief function protects the pump from pumping against a closed discharge by relieving the pressure at a preset value to be returned to the chemical container. Hence acting as a safety valve and preventing any damage to the pipework or pump by excess pressure.

The anti syphon function stops chemical being syphoned from the chemical drum when the dosing point is lower than the chemical container. The MF valve may also be used to reduce the pressure in the discharge line before any maintenance is carried out. Wetted parts are either Polypropylene or PVDF bodies with either Viton or EPDM seals.

Dosing Pump Accessories: Flow Sensors

Dosing Pump Accessories: SEFL

Flow sensor with fit on to the dosing pump discharge and provide a volt free contact which operates at each stroke the pump makes. Fitted with adjustable sensitivity to suit different pump outputs and chemical SGs.

Dosing Pump Accessories: Injection Quills

SS dosing Quill

Injection quills are useful when dosing into large diameter pipework to ensure the chemical being dose is injected into the centre of the pipe and hence the flow.

INR-V (D) Injection quill with NRV and ball valve in PVC with Viton / EPDM “O” rings.

SS-INJ - Q Injection quill with ball valve in 3/8 “ 316 stainless steel

Dosing Skids & Frames

Dosing Accessories: Dosing Skids & Frames

Custom designed and built systems for mounting dosing pumps either inside enclosures with isolating valves all ready pipe up and assembled. Supplied on simple polypropylene frames to hold chemical drums with bunded areas. Ready assembled at our facility for quick simple and easy site installation.

To check the output of dosing systems calibration cylinders can be fitted to the suction side of the dosing pump with the necessary valves. A measured volume of chemical reagent can then be added the calibration cylinder. The pump can then be timed while the know volume is pumped and hence the pump output calculated.

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