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On our website we have a wide selection of featured products these include our range of pH Controllers, electrodes and other instruments.

Our pH electrodes and Redox electrodes are complemented with a full suite of controllers, metering equipment and sensors all for use in numerous applications including water treatment and effluent treatment.

AWE has a long history of providing solutions to a variety of different sectors with our range of DO2 (Dissolved Oxygen) instruments and Conductivity meters finding their way into a number of different applications across the UK and throughout the world.

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 The Autumn 2015 Watermark is now available to view online

Covered in the Autumn 2015 Watermark we're taking a seasonal look into boiler and hot water dosing, specifically for Low Pressure Hot Water (LPHW) systems.

We also welcome Engineer Andrew Lomas into our team of external service engineers.

This packed edition has a look at a custom built Vee Notch tank for open channel flow measurement and a must read guide on the installation of pH sensors into pipework for online measurements.

The Summer 2015 Watermark is now available to view online

Covered in the Summer 2015 Watermark is a feature on our rinse water controller which is designed for reducing waste in the surface finishing sector.

We're also looking at one of simple and cost effective liquid level control devices along with new model of level electrode holder which is designed to take on all environments!

We also have a little preview of the Surface Finishing show at the NEC.

The Spring 2015 Watermark is now available to view online

Covered in the Spring 2015 Watermark is the C+ Series of Black Dosing Pump. This new member of the BDP family is designed for precision metering applications. It has a physically small footprint and the ability to dose proportionally.

We're also looking into some simple level control circuits and how to avoid gravitational syphoning.

The Winter 2014 - 2015 Watermark is now available to view online.

In the Winter 2014 - 2015 Watermark introduce our new black range of dosing pumps. Designed for industrial applications new black dosing pumps have been described as "tough as old boots".

We also have a look at a Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for a customer, welcome back Mrs Mandy Wardall to the team and look at boiler water sampling for the measurement of TDS.

Our Cooling Tower Controller

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Are you looking for pH, Redox, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, DO2, Residual Chlorine, Turbidity, Temperature, Liquid Level or Open channel flow instrument then we may be able to help you.

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