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AWE the solution to your process control needs. AWE are suppliers of Water Treatment and Effluent Treatment instrumentation, dosing and control equipment.

On our website we have a wide selection of featured products these include our range of pH Controllers, electrodes and other instruments.

Our pH electrodes and Redox electrodes are complemented with a full suite of controllers, metering equipment and sensors all for use in numerous applications including water treatment and effluent treatment.

AWE has a long history of providing solutions to a variety of different sectors with our range of DO2 (Dissolved Oxygen) instruments and Conductivity meters finding their way into a number of different applications across the UK and throughout the world.

Please take time to peruse our web site. If you require a spare part please check out our new section on spares.

At AWE we try to maintain the most up to date range of products and some of these aren't always featured on our site. If there's something you're looking for but can't find the specific product here, then don't hesitate to speak to our friendly sales team to find out more.

AWE the one stop shop for all your water treatment and effluent treatment needs.

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Press Releases

The Spring 2014 Watermark is now available to view online. With information about our Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit which is great for measuring all dissolved oxygen applications - from inlet and discharge for water treatment applications through to dissolved oxygen levels for fish farms and aqua culture

We're also taking a look safe ways of transferring chemicals using a high flow rate hand pump, we welcome our new starter Gareth Hardwick who joins the service department as a service engineer, and we look at some text book pH values for heavy metal residuals.

The Winter 2013 Watermark is now available to view online. With information about our Ampere Hour Meter for automating the plating process by measuring the current flow. Also we have information on feed verification dosing pumps for measuring the precise amount of chemical being dosed into a system and double confined dosing tube for the delivery of concentrated acids or alkalis.

The Autumn 2013 Watermark is now available to view online. With information about our simple but precise portable pH meter, our new product the ATL2 for measuring temperature and level in harsh industrial environments like plating baths, recent exhibitions and recent project for a client for measuring temperature and level safely.

The Summer 2013 Watermark is now available to view online. Covering off our 12 volt dosing pumps and information about the recommended equipment for onsite service engineers.

Our new Cooling Tower Controller

AWE Redox, Conductivity and DO2 sensors and electrodes

Are you looking for a replacement sensor or electrode for your pH or redox control system?

AWE chemical dosing pumps

Are you looking for a chemical dosing pump? We supply a large range of chemical dosing pumps for many industrial applications and processes.

AWE measurement

Are you looking for pH, Redox, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, DO2, Residual Chlorine, Turbidity, Temperature, Liquid Level or Open channel flow instrument then we may be able to help you.

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